Sunday, 2 January 2022

List of Books Read 2022

Books Read 2022

(Note: this list will grow and be updated through out the year.)





The Activated Disciple 40 Day Challenge Journal - Jeff Cavins
Bloom of the Flower Dragon - Tracey West and Graham Howells - Dragon Masters  Book 21
Death Cult - Declan Finn - St. Tommy NYPD Book 2
Praying The Creed In The Year Of Faith - Nick Donnelly - CTS Year of Faith 
Patience - Richard F. Clarke S.J. - CTS Devotions
Die Twice - Andrew Grant - David Trevellyan Book 2

They Also Serve - Karina Fabian and Robert Fabian
The Day That Changed My Life - Francis Fernandez 
Jovian Heat - Karina Fabian
Falling Up - Karina Fabian -  A Rescue Sisters Story
The Bone House - J.D. Kirk
Marathon to Mordor - Karina Fabian
False Friend - Andrew Grant  - Detective Cooper Devereaux Book 2
42 Years of Summer - Karina Fabian
White Ops 01 White Ops - Declan Finn
Benedict XV: Pope of Peace - Father Ashley Beck - CTS Biographies
Companion to Saint Paul - J.B. Midgley - CTS Companions
John of the Cross - Jennifer Moorcroft - CTS Great Saints Series
Cold as Ice - Sarah Mlynowski - Whatever After Book 6
Way of the Cross at the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy - Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception
Masaru - Michael T. Cibenko
Ignatius Spencer - Ben Lodge C.P. - CTS Great Saints Series
Too Close to Home - Andrew Grant - Paul McGrath Book 2
Peace of Heart: According to St Benedict - Father Bernard Ducruet, OSB
John Fisher - Eldred Willey - CTS Saints of the Isles Series
Space Traipse: Hold My Beer, Season 5: Science Fiction Parody - Karina Lumbert Fabian
Peace of Heart: According to St Benedict - Father Bernard Ducruet, OSB
FEAR - Corinna Turner - unSPARKed Book 7
Infernal Affairs - Declan Finn - St. Tommy NYPD Book 3

Praying the Rosary with the Martyrs - Deacon Nick Donnelly - CTS Devotions
Meet Mary MacKillop - Sally Murphy - Celebrate Australian History Meet Series

I started keeping track of the books I finished reading in October of 1995, and movies watched in January of 1996. and Catholic Books by year since 2016. I have lists for:

I also do a Top Ten List of books each quarter and for the year. They can be found here. I was also asked to pick a Top Ten Catholic Books I have read, you can find that list here (and occasionally I add a note when I come across something exceptional.)

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