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The Killing Code - J.D. Kirk - DCI Logan Book 3

The Killing Code
DCI Logan Book 3
ISBN 9781912767144
ASIN B086K5813K

This is the fourth volume from J.D. Kirk that I have read in the last few months. I picked the first for a few reasons, but mainly because authors Alex Smith and JE Mayhew have both recommended the author and series. I am a big fan of Smith’s DCI Kett novels and Mayhew’s DCI Will Blake Series. And having ripped through both of their series and slowing working through all of Mayhew’s others works I decided to give Kirk’s a try. These definitely are Scottish Detective Mysteries, and I can see the comparisons with both Smith and Mayhew’s works. I would set this story right in the middle, Smiths are darker and more brutal, and Mayhew’s typically focused a little more on the mystery. This one is another good mix of both. 

The description of this novel is:

“What would you do if there weren't any consequences?

After twenty years on the force, Detective Chief Inspector Jack Logan thinks he has seen it all.

He is wrong.

When a nurse is murdered on her way home from nightshift, Jack and his team go on the hunt for her killer.

As more victims are uncovered, Jack finds himself tracking a murderer afflicted by a unique psychosis - one that leaves him free to maim and kill without a shred of remorse.

Facing a new type of killer in an unfamiliar city, DCI Jack Logan is about to be pushed to his limits, before being forced to realise just how little he truly knows.”

There are some characters I have encountered in Kirk’s other writings, specifically Detective Superintendent Hoon who I have encountered in Northwind and the Family Liaison Officer, Sinead from Bones. I am enjoying these books so much, I picked up the remainder of volumes in the DCI Logan Series, and Hoon book. And have pre-ordered DCI Logan books 14 and 15 and Hoon book 3. I plan on about a book a week until I have got caught up in both series.

This story has less action than some of the others in the series, some misdirection, and a very interesting theory. The premise the killer is going on is that we are just constructs in a computer system, sort of a AI or NPC. A cross between the Matrix and the Sims. I had figured out most of it before the reveals, but even after I had it solved it was great watching Logan figure it out and put the pieces together, and watching the officer’s work to capture the culprit. I will be honest at first I really suspected a different character. I have stated before that the characters are believable, and the events unfortunately are also. I do not like that Logan asked a favour of Bosco, the Russian crime lord, I am certain it will exact a toll in future stories. 

After having read the first three DCI Logan books and the first in the Robert Hoon Series I know I will be reading all the books published buy this author under the pen name J.D. Kirk. Like Mayhew and Smith, Kirk publishes under various names. Kirk publishes children books as Barry Hutchison, and other adult fiction as Barry J. Hutchison. He is coming up on 175 books across the three pen names. If I had known that or I might not have picked up this first one. Friends call me a ‘completionist’ in that when I find an author I like, I try to read everything they have published. For now I will try and read the remaining books published as Kirk. I am aiming for a book a week until I finish this series and then will see where it goes. This is an excellent if you love crime procedural books, or books along the lines of the TV Series The Commander or Wired in the Blood, this would be a great story to pick up. It is an excellent crime thriller and a great mystery and I love that it is set in Scotland! It is a good read in an excellent series. I highly recommend it.

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