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Ahead of the Game - J.D. Kirk - DCI Logan Book 10

Ahead of the Game
DCI Logan Book 10
ISBN 9781912767298

Oops! I skipped book 9. I should have realized when there were a few references to things I did not recall. So now I need to go back and read book 9 A Snowball's Chance in Hell, before continuing on. This was a great story! Even if I have ended up reading them out of line. It is an excellent read in a great series! This is the thirteenth volume from J.D. Kirk that I have read in the last few months. I have enjoyed all that I have now read, the first 8 and the 10th in the DCI Logan series and the first 3 in the Robert Hoon series, and a stand alone VIP exclusive short story. I picked the first for a few reasons, but mainly because authors Alex Smith and JE Mayhew have both recommended the author and series. I am a big fan of Smith’s DCI Kett novels and Mayhew’s DCI Will Blake Series. I had no idea how addictive Kirk’s books would be. Like Mayhew and Smith, Kirk publishes under various names. Kirk publishes children books as Barry Hutchison, and other adult fiction as Barry J. Hutchison. He is coming up on 175 books across the three pen names. Seriously! If I had known that or I might not have picked up this first one. Friends call me a ‘completionist’ in that when I find an author I like, I try to read everything they have published. For now I will try and read the remaining books published as Kirk.

The description of this novel is:

“When a body is discovered at a popular Highland landmark, it seems like just another day on the job for DCI Jack Logan and his team.

Except this body is missing a very vital component, and given its location - The Well of Seven Heads - it seems like someone is trying to send a message. But why? And to whom?

With pressure mounting from his superiors, six hundred teenagers baying for blood, and the press sniffing around for a scandal, the only chance Jack has of cracking his latest case is if he finds a way to keep the heid, while all around are losing theirs.

Ahead of the Game is the tenth book from bestselling Scottish crime author, JD Kirk, and is perfect for fans of Ian Rankin, Stuart Macbride, and Val McDermid.”

In these stories often the murders are gruesome. The humour is dark. And the Scottish temperament comes out from several different characters. But that being said the characters are written wonderfully. You can’t but enjoy Logan and his interactions with his team and even the new Chief Superintendent. After a body is found without its head at the Well of the Seven Heads the team is on the road again. How far can a head be thrown, we are informed it all depends on hair. But to find out why you will need to read and find out. The crime in this story is pretty twisted. I had a good idea who had committed the crime, but I was completely surprised by why. And with a wedding in the recent past and one looming Logan has to deal with some feelings. We get a deeper look into Logan’s mind and a bit into his heart in this one! 

I will warn you I definitely laughed at the ending. And Hoon’s appearance in this story was a surprise. This is another great read in an excellent series. The two series written under the pen name J.D. Kirk are definitely Scottish Mysteries, and I can see the comparisons with both Smith and Mayhew’s works. Every time I finish a book by Kirk it takes willpower not to just pick up the next one and keep going. I can state that I will be reading all the DCI Logan books and the Robert Hoon Series as well. I know I will be reading all the books published buy this author under this name. And once caught up branching out into his other works. I love that the stories are set in Scotland! This book and series would be great reads for fans of Jack Reacher, DCI Kett or DCI Will Blake. A great read in an excellent series! A great read in an excellent series! And now to circle back and read book 9 A Snowball's Chance in Hell.

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