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Giorgio's Miracle - Laurie Schmitt

Giorgio's Miracle
Marian Press
ISBN 9781596145191

This was the third volume by Laurie Schmitt I have read and I believe that currently there are only three available. I read the first two that are available electronically just week’s apart. I waited for an eBook edition of this one to be released for a while. I picked up a physical copy eventual and it sat on the side of my desk for 6 months because of how much I prefer eBooks, mainly because of my dyslexia. I took it with me when I went away for a weekend, and read it in a few sittings in under 24 hours. The book is written for tweens, teen, and young adults. But it is well enough written that any reader could enjoy the story. The overview of the story on the publishers site states:

“In this charming work of historical fiction, we meet Giorgio, the widowed blacksmith's son, and his beloved donkey, Franca. As they go about their daily routine of work and play, little do they suspect they're about to have an extraordinary encounter with our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.”

The description on the back of the book states:

“Meet young Giorgio. He's the son of a blacksmith, lives in medieval Turin, Italy, and loves his pet donkey, Franca. 

Together they go charging around Giorgio's hometown, running errands, performing for his neighbors, and generally having a great time with his friends. But his father hasn't been the same since his mother's death, and Giorgio, his family, and the whole town of Turin could use a miracle. 

Then, one day, Franca runs away. Giorgio prays for heavenly help - a prayer that's answered when the people of Turin have a miraculous encounter with the Eucharistic Lord. Perfect for fifth grade and up, Giorgio's Miracle is an entertaining tale of faith, family, and the merciful miracles of our loving God.”

The story is written as historical fiction but it is about a real Eucharistic miracle that took place in Turin, Italy in 1453. According to history:

“The event which led to the construction of the church occurred on 6 June 1453 during the war between Louis of Savoy and France. A group of French soldiers had plundered the main church in Exilles, a town in the Val di Susa. On 6 June, the day of the Feast of Corpus Christi, they went to Turin to sell the booty. The donkey which transported the sacramental bread from the Exilles' church fell on the ground and the Holy Spirit rose and illuminated the square from the air.”

This story received the Nihil Obstat: from Fr. Richard Drabik, MIC, Censor Deputatus on September 10, 2019 and the book was released in 2020 making it Laurie’s first novel. As a first novel it is very well written. As mentioned once I started reading I could not put it down. I had not read the cover, description or anything about the book, other than the author’s name, mainly because I loved he other two novels so much. 

As mentioned this was an excellent read and it was hard to put down once I got going. Parts of the story may be fictional but it revolves around real events and a true miracle. It is well written. It is a great novel for Middle Grade readers right on up. I am in my 50’s and loved it. I added to both my son’s and youngest daughter’s summer reading lists after finishing it. I have mentioned this story and the other by Schmitt to several friends. This is a great read no matter your age. A story filled with family, faith, and a deep love of church. And a true miracle.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2022 Catholic Reading Plan

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