Saturday 10 September 2022

Product Review - Q-bitz Solo Game

Q-bitz Solo
Visual Dexterity. Cubed.
Mind Ware

There are two solo editions of Q-Bitz, there are Orange and Magenta. A number of years ago I received Q-Bitz for my birthday and from the day it entered the house it has been a family favourite. But the base game only plays 4 players and we are a family of 5 and often have others over to play board games. Shortly after we received the base game we picked up Q-Bliz Exterme one and also one of the Solo versions. This is a great game for cognitive development. We have played it often. Each Solo tin game comes with:

1 game play tray
16 cubes of each color
20 Q-bitz cards

The 20 cards are different and continue counting up from the 80 in the base game. If you have the base game and both solo editions you have 120 puzzle cards the same as in the educational classroom edition.

The tin says it can used for solo play and works for brain training, dexterity, and agility. You can also add the Solo to the base game and have more puzzles and players. The game also has 3 modes of play in the rules that come with the game:

This game is designed to teach symmetry, pattern recognition, help improve visual dexterity and provide friendly competition. It also stimulates the brain by use of spatial reasoning and memory skills. It is super fun.

The difference between the Extreme and normal Q-Bitz is that this game has 4 sets of 2 dice, each with different sides. And as 2 dice from the original version. The original all 16 dice are the same. So finding the piece in this version often means swapping dice.

Overall this is an amazing game the recommendation is that players be aged 8 and up, but we have played with our youngest even when she was 5 and it still works well. It is a lot of fun for the whole family, either playing solo or with others. It can be taught in under a minute and is easy to introduce to new players or visitors to the house. We love the Q-Bits family of games!

Note: If you are local to Kitchener Waterloo you can get this and many other amazing games at J & J Super Store!

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