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Friendship with Jesus - Amy Welborn and Ann Kissane Engelhart - Pope Benedict XVI talks to Children on Their First Holy Communion

Friendship with Jesus: 
Pope Benedict XVI talks to Children on Their First Holy Communion
Amy Welborn
Ann Kissane Engelhart
Ignatius Press
ISBN 9781586176198
ISBN 9781936260423

I have wanted to read this book since I finished and reviewed, Be Saints! An Invitation from Pope Benedict XVI, but since all three of my children have already completed their first communions I kept holding off and left the book on my wish list for a long time. After finishing it I really wish I hadn’t. I have read this with my youngest two. Both are altar servers, both love mass, and both just a week ago went to adoration with me. And 9 and 11 years old, the are not the normal adoration crowd, at least at our mass. And you will find out what it is relevant shortly.

Since 2012 I have read a dozen books by Amy Welborn. With every book I read, the more I respect her skill, her talent, and her sharing of the Catholic faith. This book was another excellent read. I have read this volume twice now, including just now lying in bed with my youngest as we took turns reading pages. We have already ordered a couple more copies, one for the kids school library, and for for the teachers reserve at the school library. 

In this volume Amy Welborn takes excerpts from the talk given by Pope Benedict XVI and picks a bible verse. There are Questions from the children that were I the papal audience that sunny day. These are presented on two-page spread illustration from Ann Kissane Engelhart. The illustrations are wonderful water color paintings. 

The chapters are:

Pope Benedict’s Memories of His First Communion
Confession and Sin
The Real Presence
The Importance of Sunday Mass
The Effects of Receiving Jesus in Holy Communion
Jesus the Bread of Life
Eucharistic Adoration

And the quotes are:

Luke 24:35
Luke 18:16
John 6:35
Matthew 28:20
John 20:21

Some pages also include questions for reflection. My youngest the first time we read it wanted to think about the questions. Some examples are:

How do you feel after your sins are forgiven in Confession?
How can you help your family to enjoy meeting Jesus in the Eucharist at Mass?
In What Part of your life do you need the special nourishment of Jesus, the Bread of Life?

The message in this book is wonderful. The illustrations are exceptional. I admit I had this book on my wish list for while. I thought it was a little pricey for a book I might only read once or twice with my children. But I should have known better, based on the author. This is a wonderful book, for children and for us older readers also. I was personally inspired and challenged by this book, and I know my children were as well. I know it will be one we reread every few months together as a reminder. And my daughter is already asking to go back to adoration tomorrow night. 

There are few books I am as glad my children love as much as they loved this one. It was an instant family favourite and we plan on sharing it with friends and family. We give it the McEvoy Clan seal of approval. And if you do pick it up, consider getting at the same time, Be Saints! An Invitation from Pope Benedict XVI, they go so well together. Wish there was a way to give it 6 out of 5 stars!

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2019 Catholic Reading Plan

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Sunday, 8 December 2019

Learning to Love Journeys Through Life with the Rosary - Father Nigel Woollen

Learning to Love: 
Journeys Through Life with the Rosary
Father Nigel Woollen
Veritas Publications

This is the second volume from the masterful pen of father Nigel Woolen that I have read. In fact, as I write this review I am reading it through a second time. One sentence in the book stood out and felt like it was written directly to me:

“We sometimes feel that everyday we fall short of doing his will, but God loves a good trier and will never let us down, if we keep learning to trust on the way.”


"When we don't know what to pray, recite the lord's prayer it is enough, as it contains everything we need.Trying to pray is already praying - and God loves a good trier."

From the moment I picked up this volume, till I finished it the first time. I felt the words flowing into my heart and spirit. I struggle with reading physical books, but this one was worth the effort not only once but now almost a second time through. The chapters in this volume are:

Introduction: You Shall Love the Lord, Your God

I.  When You Sit in Your Houses:
Encountering the Lord – Joyful Mysteries
The Lord Comes to our House: Called and Chosen
1. The Annunciation: Learning to Receive
2. The Visitation: Bearing the Bearer of All Things
3. The Nativity: Glory to God and peace on Earth
4. The Presentation: The New temple
5. The Finding in the Temple: In My Father’s Company

II. When you Walk By the Way
The Apostles – Mysteries of Light
The Time of Missions: Sharing the Love We Have Encountered
1. The Baptism of the Lord: Learning to Walk
2. The Wedding Feast of Cana: Trusting in Him
3. The Proclamation of the Kingdom: Life in the Spirit
4. The Transfiguration: The Only Way is Up
5. The Institution of the Eucharist: You are What You Eat

III. When You Lie Down:
Sickness, Suffering, and Death – Sorrowful Mysteries
The Greatest Apostle of All: Blessed and Broken
1. The Agony in the Garden: Learning to pray
2. The Scourging at the Pillar: making Sense of Wasted Pain
3. The Crowning with Thorns: Behold Your King
4. The Carrying of the Cross: Out of the City
5. The Crucifixion: Into Your hands

IV. And When You Rise:
The Life of heaven – Glorious Mysteries
Toward the Goal: Their Fruits Go Before Them
1. The Resurrection: New Life
2. The Ascension: Learning to Hope
3. Pentecost: Receive the Holy Spirit
4. The Assumption of Mary: Drawn by Love
5. Mary is Crowned as Queen: Happy Endings

Postscript: Open Your Lips and Let God’s Word Be Heard

But this is not another book on how to pray the Rosary. And it is not a how to book. It is a series of deep meditations and reflections that tie into our lives the mysteries. I have loved the Rosary most of my life. Even when I had fallen away from the Catholic Church, I always kept a Rosary and often prayed it. But reading this book has had a profound impact on me and on my journey. For years now my personal email signature ha begun with ‘Yours, learning to be’. And when asked about it I would state that my goal as a Christian, as a Catholic was to learn to be, and learn to be good at being. Or as Matthew Kelly would put it to work to ‘become the best version of myself’. Or as Pope Benedict XVI would put it ‘Do not be afraid to be saints’. This is a life changing book. A few years ago I was asked to come up with my Top Ten Catholic Books, if I was making that list today this book would be on it. 

This book is a wonderful little volume. I am thankful to have had the chance to read it. I just wish it was easier to get in North America or that there was an eBook edition available. Father Nigel writes in such a down to earth and engaging style that I have loved both his books, and know that I will track down any future releases. I highly recommend this book. Give it a try I am sure you will not be disappointed. 

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2019 Catholic Reading Plan!

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Saturday, 7 December 2019

Memento Mori Prayers on the Last Things- Theresa Aletheia Noble, FSP

Memento Mori Prayers on the Last Things 
Theresa Aletheia Noble, FSP
Pauline Books and Media
ISBN 9780819850089

It has been a long time since I have been this eager to get my hands on a new prayer book. But after how impactful Remember Your Death: Memento Mori A Lenten Devotional and Remember Your Death: Memento Mori Journal were I had high expectations for this prayer book. And it did snot disappoint. Not since discovering The Handbook of Prayers edited by Reverend James Socias have I found a prayer book so beneficial. At one point I had Copies of the handbook in my desk at work, my desk at home, my backpack, and my bed side table. I also always kept a spare so I could give it away. That is exactly how I feel about this Memento Mori Prayer Book. I wish I could buy it by the case to be able to give them away. And I cannot wait for the eBook edition to come out so I can always have it on me. This is the best new prayer book I have had in years.

The prayers in this book were compiled or written by Sister Theresa Aletheia Noble, FSP. The physical book is a beautiful volume. And I am not normally a physical book guy. It is dark grey leather. It has just an embossed skull on the front cover and “Memento Mori” in Script on the back. It had a single black built in silk bookmark. And silver gilded edges to the pages. The end sheets match the cover of the Memento Mori Journal. The sections in the volume are:

Memento Mori and the Last Things
How to Live Memento Mori
Death: Prayers to Live and to Die Well
     Prayers to Imitate Jesus
     Prayers for a Good Death
     Prayers for the Dying
     Marian prayers for Assistance in Life and Death
Judgement: Prayers to Prepare to Meet Jesus
     Prayers of Repentance
     Prayers for the Dead
Hell: Prayers to Combat the Powers of Darkness
     The Sacrament of Baptism
     Prayers to Jesus, Our Eucharistic Lord
     Spiritual Warfare Prayers
     The Power of the Holy Rosary
Heaven: Prayers for Union with God
     Prayers of Praise to God
     Prayers to live in Heaven
     Marian prayers of Hope
Appendix 1
     Basic Prayers in Latin and English
Appendix 2
     An Explanation of Indulgences

There are a few full-page illustrations in the book. Overall this is an incredible little volume of prayers. I am sure you will benefit from investing in this book, and spending time prayer the prayers within.

Another excellent volume from Sister Theresa Aletheia. I great little volume and tool for your prayer and spiritual warfare toolbox. One of the best prayer books I have ever used, I highly recommend it. This book was so good I added it to my All Time Top Ten Catholic Books.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2019 Catholic Reading Plan!

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Friday, 6 December 2019

Ten Two Jack - Diane Capri - Hunt For Reacher Book 7

Ten Two Jack 
Hunt For Reacher Book 7
Diane Capri
August Books
eISBN 9781942633099

In the last 10 months I have read 40 stories featuring Jack Reacher. And to be honest this is one of the best of the lot. This was the 10th book in the Hunt for Reacher Series that I have read in the last 8 weeks. There are currently 11 and a twelfth announced for early next year. I have been trying, unsuccessfully to limit myself to one of these books a week. Which was the same pace that I read the 29 Jack Reacher Novels and short stories by Lee Child earlier this year. As I get deeper into this series the more I have come to appreciate it. And the More I focus on the Lee Child novel it is linked to. This story relates to people and event in The Midnight Line. And the main cast of characters in this volume are:

Kim L. Otto
Carlos M. Gaspar
Charles Cooper
Lamont Finlay
Kirk Noble
Rex Mackenzie
Tiffany Jane Mackenzie
Serena Rose Sanderson
Arthur Scorpio
Louis Thorn
Terrence Bramall
John Lawton
Jack Reacher

The Midnight Line was one of the Reacher novels that I felt the most morally ambivalent about. Far less so with this story. Five people are missing and at least one is dead. But the body count is just starting. When someone starts hunting Reacher’s friends you know there will be a price to pay. And Scorpio is back and nastier than ever. But Reacher has a brute instinct to protect and attack that cannot be boxed. In a story that travels from Detroit, to Chicago, to Saint Louis, Houston and then into Mexico there is a lot of travel, a lot of action and a number of different story lines that are drawing together in this chapter in the Hunt for Reacher saga. 

Agent Otto is getting more flippant with Cooper. And she gets shocking news from Gaspar. And once again Finlay plays a key role in getting them the information they need in a timely manner. 

This is a very interesting story and an excellent series. It once again it leaves us wondering where the Hunt for Reacher will take us next! 

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From Afar - Roger Thomas

From Afar
Roger Thomas
Tumblar House

ISBN 9781944339067

This is the fourth book by Roger Thomas I have read in as many weeks. From the first book I finished I have had a great deal of respect for the author and his skill at the craft of writing, but that has been eclipsed by this novel. Reading this the week before Advent begins has stirred my heart and my spirit. It is an incredible piece of historical fiction. And I am truly amazed at the skill with which this story was written. As much as I love some of the other books by Thomas that I have read, this is by far my favorite and one I will likely read for the next few years either in preparation for advent or during advent. It was very hard to put this book down. And of the thousands of books I have read, I can not think of a better historical fiction novel. There are trilogies; The Sword and the Serpent by Taylor R. Marshall and The Life and Death of Early Christians by Father Michael E Giesler that are both incredible. But as a stand-alone story this is one of the best if not the best I have read!

This book takes us back to the beginning of the Magi’s part in the nativity tale. It tells about their coming together. How they might have known each other. And how the signs and portents they discovered lead them on a journey of more than a years time. Roger draws from scripture and then fills in the pieces with impeccable historical research. The story reads in part like an action adventure. And in part like man’s quest for ultimate meaning and purpose. And the two are wonderfully woven together. 

Roger is an excellent storyteller. And as much as the whole story impacted me immensely. The encounters with Joseph and Mary were tremendously moving. As a father I could not help but be challenged by the example given by Joseph in this novel. The characters are excellent in this novel, from the three wisemen, to the servant boy at their side. The representation of the ancient world and the cults and religious practices is stunning. 

Reading this book was like being thrown back in time. The details in the descriptions transport the reader into the places and events. In many ways it has brought the advent of the Christ real to me on a new and completely different level. This it is a story I will read again and again. I plan to read it with my children this advent. 

I read a lot of books, in fact since I started keeping track, I average will over 100 books a year. The last few years have been over 300 books a year. This book one of my all-time favorites. I strongly encourage you to give this book a read, it is an excellent offering.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2019 Catholic Reading Plan!

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Supergifted - Gordon Korman - Ungifted Book 2

Ungifted Book 2
Gordon Korman
eISBN 9781443157162

I started reading Gordon Korman books again with my son. After we finished reading Restart, my son and I each picked two other books by him and picked up the eBooks. But I have jumped ahead of reading with my son and am ripping through a book a week. And there are so many more by Korman that both my son and I want to read. But back to Supergifted. Like the first book in this series, Ungifted, and many by Korman this is told is a series of first-person narratives from different characters perspectives.  The chapters in this volume are:

1: Supergenius, Donovan Curtis
2: Superstoked, Noah Youkilis
3: Supercheerful, Megan Mercury
4: Superathlete, Hash Taggart
5: Superscuffle, Donovan Curtis
6: Superloyal, Noah Youkilis
7: Superhero, Donovan Curtis
8: Superanonymous, Megan Mercury
9: Supersecret, Noah Youkilis
10: Superphony, Donovan Curtis
11: Supergrateful, Megan Mercury
12: Superspotty, Chloe Garfinkle
13: Superblackmail, Daniel Sanderson & Daniel Nussbaum
14: Superk.I.S.S., Donovan Curtis
15: Superscary, Noah Youkilis
16: Supersalesman, Donovan Curtis
17: Superexcited, Megan Mercury
18: Superjealous, Noah Youkilis
19: Supersplashy, Donovan Curtis
20: Superprotective, Chloe Garfinkle
21: Supersupportive, Hash Taggart
22: Superrevealing, Megan Mercury
23: Superfriend, Noah Youkilis
24: Superkid, Donovan Curtis
25: Superinnocent, Chloe Garfinkle
26: Superkicked, Noah Youkilis
27: Supergifted, Donovan Curtis
28: Just Plain Super, Noah Youkilis

The story picks up a few months after the first volume. Donovan has recruited his buddies the two Daniels to help protect and watch out for Noah. Noah is a true genius but has been bumped back to regular school and he is loving it. He is loving failure, and he is loving the larger school atmosphere. Noah tries out for the Cheerleading team and unbeknownst to him become the archnemesis of team captain Megan Mercury. Her boyfriend, jock and alpha male, Hash “Hashtag” Taggart tries to get Noah to quit the team. And for all his brilliance Noah just does not get the hints. Donovan steps in to prevent a pummeling and his brother-in-law’s dog bites the Hashtag. And so begins a series of events that lead to the Super Kid. But Noah stepping in to be the Super Kid and take pressure off of Donovan leads to all kinds of unexpected consequences. 

This story is another wonderful Middle Grade read from the artful pen of Gordon Korman. The story is funny, it is fun to read, and it is a great story for young readers. 

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The Accidental Marriage - Roger Thomas

The Accidental Marriage
Roger Thomas

Ignatius Press
ISBN 9781586179083
eISBN 9781681494609

This was the second book by Roger I have read in the last 2 weeks. I almost put this book down immediately. And to be honest nearly put it down a few times before I was a third of the way through it. What stopped me was rave reviews from friends and authors I respect and trust. I had no idea what this book was about when I picked it up. I loved Under that Watchful Sky and was offered a review copy of this volume. I had not even read the description. The story begins with a dream, and we soon find out the story revolves around a gay and lesbian couple. 

Scott and Greg have been together for a little while, and Scott is frustrated and dissatisfied. Megan and Diane have their own issues. But Scott and Megan are friends. They meet for lunch occasionally during the workday. Diane is pressuring Megan to have a baby for her. And because money is tight, Scott offers to be the donor. After two failed attempts of a manual transfer, Scott and Megan try the old fashioned method. And it works. But When Diane finds out she is furious. Soon Diane’s manipulation and abuse of Megan is too much and she ends up moving in with Scott. They marry so he can out her on his medical coverage. And soon the two are preparing their place for the little one to arrive.

This story is about Scott stepping up and helping a friend. And then when that friend’s situation worsens, stepping up even more. Both Scott and Megan grow and discover more about themselves, their pasts, and the choices that led them to where we find them at the beginning of the story. Scott ends up getting help and being mentored by a sacristan at the local Catholic church. Megan seeks help from Helge a Lutheran woman who helped them out at a desperate time.  Both characters grow and learn who they are and are learning who they want to be. And they are both working to overcome their past. 

The book was easy enough to read. But the setting, especially at the beginning will not be for all readers. I have had friends and family who have lived alternative lifestyles going on thirty years now. There is a lot portrayed in this book that the mainstream media, and politically correct commentary would never tell you. But from stories I have heard, much of it is realistic. And to be honest much of it is denied. This is not a book for all readers. But it is an important book, and Roger should be commended for writing on such topics. Marriage, the gay lifestyle, prolife, pro choice are all hot topics in our current culture. 

There are several books with the same title. And they cover a broad range of stories. In this book a few times the characters refer to ‘a technical marriage’. I feel that might have been a better title. Like I mentioned earlier, this book almost ended up on my ‘did not finish’ pile. But I am thankful that I finished it. 

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2019 Catholic Reading Plan!

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Monday, 2 December 2019

God’s Birthday Why Christ Was Born on December 25 and Why it Matters - Taylor RMarshall

God’s Birthday: 
Why Christ Was Born on December 25 and Why it Matters
Taylor R. Marshall
Saint John Press
ISBN 9780988442528

First this book is available for free via Dr. Taylor Marshall’s website. Second as it states in the conclusion it is taken mainly from the third volume of his Origins of Christianity series, The Eternal City: Rome & the Origins of Catholic Christianity. I have not read that volume yet but did some quick searching in it appears to come mostly from chapter three of that volume The Birth of Christ Under Caesar. A few things sparked my reading of this book. First it has been on my radar for a few years, and I kept forgetting to read it before Christmas. Second a friend, a Catholic Podcaster was asking for recommendations for a panel discussion on Christmas and if it was relevant. I suggested Dr. Marshall, and even provided the link to the free copy of this book. Both were quickly deleted and I was informed the person did not want Dr. Marshall representing Catholicism. 

Now I am not a Traddie in any sense, I have never been to a Latin mass, and have never felt the need to. But I love the Catholic church, I love mass, I love communion, and I desperately need sacramental confession frequently. My conclusion when I read Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Church from Within, was to pray even more. Recently Dr. Marshall’s Wikipedia Page was even attacked by a Vatican IP address. So I know that Marshall is considered a controversial figure. But he has written some excellent books, and this little free volume is among them. I have a Religious Studies degree with a specialization in Roman Catholic Thought. And like Marshall I had heard all the theories. Marshall states:

“I once believed all these arguments. I considered myself an enlightened man. I had heard these arguments in college, graduate courses, and even in seminary. I had heard it preached from pulpits. I assumed that everyone, everywhere knew that Christmas was not really the historical birthday of Christ our Lord.”

What this volume does is outline some pretty solid historical arguments to change that popular opinion. And as the subtitle of the book indicated, what it really matters. He also states:

“This book in your hand challenges the claim that Jesus was not born on December 25. Even more, I challenge the claim that we cannot know the year of Christ’s birth. As you will see, the expert arguments above are as anachronistic as claiming that Coca-cola invented Santa Clause in the 1930s in order to compete with Kwanza celebrations.”

At 57 pages it is a quick read. I truly believe it will challenge your thinking and open your eyes. It is a great read, and you cannot beat the price! And hopefully it will inspire you to go deeper with The Origins of Catholic Christianity Series by Dr. Marshall. If you are looking to add something different to your advent reading this year. Add this to the list of resources you are using I know you will not be disappointed. And you might just never experience Christmas ever or morning the same way ever again.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2019 Catholic Reading Plan!

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