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20 Answers Conversion - Shaun McAfee - 20 Answers Series from Catholic Answers

20 Answers Conversion
20 Answers Series from Catholic Answers
Shaun McAfee
Catholic Answers Press
ISBN 9781683571346
eISBN 9781683571360
eISBN 9781683571353

Over the last few years I have read 30 of the books in the 20 Answers Series from Catholic Answers. And I have also read most of the books by Shaun McAfee. And most by both are excellent reads. My favorites by Shaun is Reform Yourself! How to Pray, Find Peace, and Grow in Faith with the Saints of the Counter-Reformation, but this book is a very close second. I love the idea that Shaun presents that we are all in the process of conversion. It does not matter if we were born and raise Catholic or were a ‘Convert’ latter in life, we are all in process. In fact, the introduction of this volume begins with these words:

“Conversion is for everyone. 

Conversion is the master theme of the entire Bible and the enduring message in salvation history. Every prophecy, every proverb, psalm, chronicle, law, commandment, parable, beatitude, and moral insight is proclaimed for the purpose of conversion: of the soul, of the heart, and of the mind.”

Shaun also states:

“Christianity is about conversion because our faith is something that is grown, our hope is something continual, and our love is something that is worked unto perfection.”

And the introduction concludes with:

“Many of the answers in this small book are directed at those who are new to the Catholic Church or are moving towards fuller communion with it. But conversion doesn’t end with that communion. It’s a lifelong duty even for “cradle Catholics”: our work of participation in God’s saving grace. Conversion is for everyone because its fruits of faith, hope, and love are for everyone.”

As such it is an incredible read for all Catholics. The 20 Questions answered in this volume are:

1. What is conversion?
2. What is the process of entering the Catholic Church?
3. What exactly am I required to do and believe as a Catholic?
4. What challenges do new converts face?
5. How do I choose a parish?
6. What are some pitfalls that new converts should watch out for?
7. Catholics have a lot of customs and traditions. What are some important ones I need to know?
8. What are the liturgy and the liturgical calendar?
9. Do I have to pray to Mary and the saints?
10. Do Catholics still believe in purgatory?
11. Do Catholics have to pray for the dead?
12. How can I understand the Catholic hierarchy and all the different kinds of clergy and religious?
13. Is it true that we don’t have to accept certain Catholic moral teachings if we don’t agree with them?
14. Are there any Catholic teachings that I can choose to believe or not to believe?
15. What if I don’t understand something the Church says I have to believe?
16. How do I handle reports of sexual abuse scandals in the Church?
17. I’ve heard that the pope is changing a lot of Church teachings. Is this true?
18. Does the Catholic Church tell me how I have to vote?
19. What can I do if my spouse or family isn’t Catholic?
20. Okay, I’m Catholic. How do I discern what God has in store for me next?

As you can see Shaun attacks some hard questions. Being Catholic and voting, the sexual abuse crisis, and the question of accepting the church’s teaching. Shaun has written an excellent volume. It is a book all Catholic would benefit from reading.

Many of the books in the 20 Answers series I have read more than once. This is one I will enjoy returning to from time to time as a reminder. When I was involved with Campus Ministries, specifically Campus Crusade for Christ, they have a series of ‘How To’ booklets, by your second or third year in the ministry you had them memorized and could use them in random evangelization. The 20 Answers Books remind me of them. They are great tools, for growing your own faith, deepening your knowledge and to provide you with sills to be able to answer friend, family and coworkers on many topics. It is a great series, and this is one of the best in the series. 

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2019 Catholic Reading Plan!

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