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Supergifted - Gordon Korman - Ungifted Book 2

Ungifted Book 2
Gordon Korman
eISBN 9781443157162

I started reading Gordon Korman books again with my son. After we finished reading Restart, my son and I each picked two other books by him and picked up the eBooks. But I have jumped ahead of reading with my son and am ripping through a book a week. And there are so many more by Korman that both my son and I want to read. But back to Supergifted. Like the first book in this series, Ungifted, and many by Korman this is told is a series of first-person narratives from different characters perspectives.  The chapters in this volume are:

1: Supergenius, Donovan Curtis
2: Superstoked, Noah Youkilis
3: Supercheerful, Megan Mercury
4: Superathlete, Hash Taggart
5: Superscuffle, Donovan Curtis
6: Superloyal, Noah Youkilis
7: Superhero, Donovan Curtis
8: Superanonymous, Megan Mercury
9: Supersecret, Noah Youkilis
10: Superphony, Donovan Curtis
11: Supergrateful, Megan Mercury
12: Superspotty, Chloe Garfinkle
13: Superblackmail, Daniel Sanderson & Daniel Nussbaum
14: Superk.I.S.S., Donovan Curtis
15: Superscary, Noah Youkilis
16: Supersalesman, Donovan Curtis
17: Superexcited, Megan Mercury
18: Superjealous, Noah Youkilis
19: Supersplashy, Donovan Curtis
20: Superprotective, Chloe Garfinkle
21: Supersupportive, Hash Taggart
22: Superrevealing, Megan Mercury
23: Superfriend, Noah Youkilis
24: Superkid, Donovan Curtis
25: Superinnocent, Chloe Garfinkle
26: Superkicked, Noah Youkilis
27: Supergifted, Donovan Curtis
28: Just Plain Super, Noah Youkilis

The story picks up a few months after the first volume. Donovan has recruited his buddies the two Daniels to help protect and watch out for Noah. Noah is a true genius but has been bumped back to regular school and he is loving it. He is loving failure, and he is loving the larger school atmosphere. Noah tries out for the Cheerleading team and unbeknownst to him become the archnemesis of team captain Megan Mercury. Her boyfriend, jock and alpha male, Hash “Hashtag” Taggart tries to get Noah to quit the team. And for all his brilliance Noah just does not get the hints. Donovan steps in to prevent a pummeling and his brother-in-law’s dog bites the Hashtag. And so begins a series of events that lead to the Super Kid. But Noah stepping in to be the Super Kid and take pressure off of Donovan leads to all kinds of unexpected consequences. 

This story is another wonderful Middle Grade read from the artful pen of Gordon Korman. The story is funny, it is fun to read, and it is a great story for young readers. 

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