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The Sixth Grade Nickname Game - Gordon Korman

The Sixth Grade Nickname Game
Gordon Korman
ISBN 9781484798409
eISBN 9781368012744

This is the 27th volume I have read by Gordon Korman, Most in the last few years. I absolutely love reading Gordon Korman books, either by myself or with one or more of my children. This one has been on my list to read for a while and I finally jumped it to the top.

Mid Last year, in the summer of 2022, Korman published his 100th book. Yes you read that correctly, his hundredth book. My introduction to Korman’s works was the 39 Clues back in 2009. Since then I have read almost 30 of his books. But a drop in the buck, but with each one I read I am entertained and often challenged. My son often reads these books to me or with me. 

My son and I started reading Gordon Korman books together a few years ago, when he was given one as an end of year gift by his teacher. She gave the whole class the same Scholastic edition and wrote a note to each student in their copy of the book. Prior to that I had a read a few of his contributions to the 39 Clues series and had enjoyed them. My son and I have mostly been reading his more recent titles. I have read about 25 over the last 6 months. This is another excellent offering from Korman’s masterful pen.

The description of this volume states:

“Best friends Jeff and Wiley are nickname addicts. It's only when a spunky red-haired environmentalist named Cassandra enters their lives that they begin to doubt their nicknaming prowess. No name seems to say it all. On top of everything, some of the nicknames that Jeff and Wiley have invented are backfiring on them. Will the nicknamers be able to get it together before it's too late?”

A different description states:

“Best friends Jeff and Wiley are legends. There is practically no one in their school who hasn't been nicknamed by the duo.

They've dubbed their own underachieving class "The Dim Bulbs"; their pop-eyed principal is better known as "Deer in Headlights"; and their enormous new English teacher, Mr. Hughes, is "Mr. Huge."

But now some of the nicknames that Jeff and Wiley have invented are backfiring on them. Will the duo be able to get it together before it's too late?”

The chapters in this volume are:

1 The Nicknamers
2 Break!
3 Birdbrain
4 No Hustle, No Bustle
5 He’s Losing What’s Left of His Mind
6 Know Any Good Bird Doctors?
7 Stop Cops
8 Marathon
9 The Rollerblading Lesson
10 Didn’t
11 Ask the Iceman
12 Together or Not at All
13 A Hundred-and-Ten Percent
14 Transportation
15 How Does My Mane Look?
16 Cockroaches Are Smarter Than Us
17 Worst to FirstPaul Perkins, PE - 1

Best friends, a new girl at school, a new teacher the High School football coach. And a whole lot of reading. At first the kids in 6A nicknamed "The Dim Bulbs” as opposed to 6A “The Bright Lights” have a whole new experience in school. Their teacher retires. And the High School football coach is assigned to teach the class. He teaches the way he coaches, with yelling, whistles, running, sweating and guzzling Gatorade. But the 6B kids soon find out he has their back, and really does want the best for them. He might frighten the other teachers. He even is intimidating to the principal. But the class comes to love him and soon they need to have his back. While all of this is going on Jeff and Wiley both have interest in the new girl and it might just change their lives and friendship forever! To find out what happens to the friends, the class and even Coach Teacher you will need to read this excellent little volume. 

This is another ‘School Story’ from Korman. The characters are wonderfully written. There is action from the get go. Korman even makes a read-a-thon seem like action. This is another story young readers will greatly enjoy. It is another excellent read from Korman’s pen.  

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