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40 Days to Mercy - Michael E. Gaitley - A Jubilee Year Lenten Devotion Through Divine Sunday

40 Days to Mercy:
A Jubilee Year Lenten Devotion
Through Divine Sunday
Michael E. Gaitley
Marian Press

ISBN 9781596143364

This devotion was written for a specific year, 2016 specifically. The Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy was from December 8th 2015 through November 20th 2016. Around a year later I had worked through a few of Father Gaitley’s books, and found out about this one while researching one of those other volumes. The devotions in this volume were dated based on that Jubilee year. I worked through this book and associated audio tracks back in 2017 and am using it as a Lenten resource again in 2022.

The booklet is a small volume. There were also links to download audio files to accompany the book. Originally the audio tracks were broken into 9 files as follows:

01-40 Days to Mercy Days 1-7
02-40 Days to Mercy Days 8-14
03-40 Days to Mercy Days 15-21
04-40 Days to Mercy Days 22-28
05-40 Days to Mercy Days 29-35
06-40 Days to Mercy Days 36-42
07-40 Days to Mercy Days 43-49
08-40 Days to Mercy Days 50-54
40 Days to Mercy- Faustina's Way of the Cross

A friend in the marketing department at work split the tracks for me so each day was a separate file. I read the booklet and listened to the audio version that year and for a couple of years after. 

This is an excellent devotion it is a great booklet for spiritual reading over Lent. I wish they would reprint it and make it not specific to a particular year, and to make it available as an eBook. It is a booklet I would buy in bulk in order to be able to give away copies to family and friends. I have loved this book either as audio files or reading it. And I can easily recommend it if you can lay your hands on it. A great resource for Lent. 

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