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Who Is Bugs Potter? - Gordon Korman - Bugs Potter Book 1

Who Is Bugs Potter?
Bugs Potter Book 1
Gordon Korman
ISBN 9780590442077

This book is one of the few of the 100 volumes from Gordon Korman that I have found looks to be currently out of print. I believe it was originally published in 1980, and there appears to have been seven editions between then and 1991 in English and an edition in German in 1984. Mid Last year, in the summer of 2022, Korman published his 100th book. Yes you read that correctly, his hundredth book. My introduction to Korman’s works was the 39 Clues back in 2009. Since then I have read over 20 of his books. Barely a drop in the buck, but with each one I read I am entertained and often challenged. My son often reads these books to me or with me. This was one I picked up this to read on my Christmas vacation. 

My son and I started reading Gordon Korman books together a few years ago, when he was given one as an end of year gift by his teacher. She gave the whole class the same Scholastic edition and wrote a note to each student in their copy of the book. Prior to that I had a read a few of his contributions to the 39 Clues series and had enjoyed them. My son and I have mostly been reading his more recent titles. I have have started going back and am randomly reading his older works and series. I believe there are only 2 books in the Bugs Potter series, they are: 

Who Is Bugs Potter?
Bugs Potter LIVE at Nickaninny

The description of this volume is:

“Who is Bugs Potter? When he was last seen, he was wearing a moustache and running out of a crowded rock club. Then, he was spotted dressed as a telephone repairman, trying to break into a glamorous movie star's hotel suite. Next, he was observed playing the drums at the high school band festival rehearsal.
Who is Bugs Potter and why is he doing all those wild things? Maybe he's just crazy or maybe he's a star...”

The chapters in this book are:

The Most
That's flautists
Plumber calling
Aren't you glad you came?
I have this headache
Let there be light
Negative vibes
The Big Watermelon
It's the thought that counts
Extra towels
The new BiBi Lanay
Man, it's a happening!
Onward and upward

I could see that this story would have a hard time getting published today. You have a group of high school students in Toronto to play as a National Orchestra. The problem is, the lack of adult supervision, 2 of the kids sneaking out to bars every night to hear bands. And the complete disregard to rules and authority, at least by Bugs. But that is also what makes this story so fun. You just cannot see it happening, at least today, maybe back in the 80’s. Back in the 19’s and not in the 20’s, as in 2000 and later. 

But the story is so much fun. It is over the top, as is Bugs’s personality and behaviour. It was vastly entertaining and as soon as I finished I gave it to my son recommending that he bump it to the top of his ‘to be read’ pile.

The story in this one is a little out there compared to many of Korman’s offerings. It takes the Bruno and Boots antics to a whole new level! The pace is break neck, the characters humorous and yet endearing, Bugs, BiBi, and even Adam. It is a story that young readers will love! Another great read from Korman’s masterful pen! 

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Willie Doyle SJ Much in the Presence of God - Patrick Corkery SJ

Willie Doyle SJ: Much in the Presence of God
Patrick Corkery SJ
ISBN 9781788125512

This is the second volume I have read from the pen of Patrick Corkery SJ, and it is one of a few I have read about Fr. Willie Doyle SJ. My son and I have become fascinated by stories about heroic Military Chaplains. We have read a number of books about them, and my son is set on being one himself. I finally picked up a physical copy of this to read, after waiting over half a year for the promised eBook edition to show up. But back to this volume. The description of this booklet is:

“Willie Doyle SJ was born in Dalkey on 3 March 1873 to an affluent Catholic family. Willie entered the Society of Jesus in 1891. taking vows, Fr. Doyle embarked on a period of Jesuit formation known as Regency. Fr. Doyle worked in two Jesuit schools Clongowes Wood College and Belvedere College. He was ordained in 1908. His prayerful nature took him into Retreat Ministry after ordination. The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola are a popular way of praying in our time. At the turn of the Twentieth Century, they were almost the exclusive preserve of priests brothers and religious sisters. The Exercises made such a profound impact on Fr. Doyle that he felt they should be available to the largest audience possible. Fr. Doyle also had a great interest in vocations to religious life, and produced two bestselling pamphlets on the priesthood which were published by the Sacred Heart Messenger. In 1915 he volunteered as a Chaplain in the First World War. His time in the war saw him demonstrate great acts of heroism. His death in August 1917 came as a great blow to those who had known him. He died attempting to save injured soldiers from the battlefield at Ypres. His body was initially recovered, but subsequently obliterated by a German shell. Interest in his life was sparked by a book written by Professor Alfred O'Rahilly, which became a bestseller. The book went on to inspire future saints, like Mother Teresa. The desire to have Fr. Doyle declared a saint received much traction in the 1930s, but it lapsed as the Irish Jesuits preferred to give their energies to the cause of Fr. John Sullivan. In recent years the cause has begun to get traction and a lay Association of the Faithful is working to have it promoted.”

Another description is:

“As time goes on and the culture changes, some people find themselves trapped in the past. The name 'Willie Doyle' is often associated with the strict, penitential spirituality of times gone by. Yet Willie Doyle the man was also brave, tender and joyful. He was, as his contemporaries remember him, an arch prankster both loved and loving.

Drawing on contemporary accounts of Doyle, Patrick Corkery SJ offers a multidimensional portrayal of a man who touched the lives of so many. Joker, teacher, Jesuit, chaplain in the trenches of the First World War, Doyle comes alive as a complex and moving figure for our time.

Packed with biographical detail, points for reflection and an exploration of Doyle's significance for Christians today, Willie Doyle Sf is the perfect introduction to the man whose heroism and charisma continue to inspire.”

The chapters in the booklet are:

Willie Doyle’s Early Life
Willie Doyle Joins the Jesuits
Willie Doyle’s Journey to the Priesthood
Willie Doyle’s Discernment and Spirituality
Willie Doyle and the First World War
What Can Willie Doyle Teach People Today?

Even though this is a small volume; meant as a brief biography, introduction, or overview of Father Willie Doyle SJ, it is an excellent volume, no matter how familiar you are with the subject matter. I highlighted many passages while reading this book, some of them are:

“While some people might find novenas twee or think them out of kilter with
contemporary spirituality, it is clear that Fr Willie Doyle has an attraction for people and devotion to him remains strong.”

“At times his penances were off-putting, but one could not help but admire how dedicated he was to the people he served, and how Fr Doyle desired to make God known to those with whom he interacted.”

“At the beginning of regency, my provincial asked me to assist a lay group formed to promote Fr Doyle's canonisation cause. I don't know if the provincial knew about my interest in Fr Doyle, but it certainly helped strengthen my devotion to him and helped me see that Ireland potentially has a great saint relevant for our time. In being asked by Messenger Publications to write this booklet, I hoped t capture something of Fr Doyle's significance for a modern

“From a young age, he took a strong interest in the local poor; he would visit their homes and even parted with his meagre pocket money to ensure that they were able to enjoy some small luxuries. Stories of young Willie's generosity entered in family lore and were recounted later in his brother Charlie's biography of Willie, Merry In God.”

“Even domestically, Willie sought to make life easier for the family's servants. He would often rise early in the morning before the domestic staff and complete some of the tasks allotted to them. This was never done in a showy way but always quietly and never seeking any reward. His care and concern for others and his desire to be of service were evident early in life.”

“Young Willie appears to have had an easy-going nature that attracted others to him, and they enjoyed being in his company. This ease in the company of others seems to have been a trait from early on.”

“WILLIE FINISHED at Ratcliffe in 1890, and no one was surprised when he announced he wanted to be a priest; the question that followed was where would he serve as a priest? Of the seven Doyle children, four opted for religious
life, including Willie. His oldest brother, Fred, had initially been a Jesuit but left to join the Archdiocese of Dublin. Charlie, who was his closest sib ling, had entered the Jesuit novitiate and persisted in that vocation, becoming a priest and at one point was assistant to the Jesuit provincial in Ireland. He would also play a role in helping to develop the spirituality of Frank Duff, founder of the Legion of Mary. Willie's sister, May, entered the Sisters of Mercy, taking the religious name Benedict. Having multiple children was not uncommon in Irish families at this time, and it was considered a mark of great pride to have children enter religious life. The prayerful atmosphere of the Doyle home no doubt contributed' to multiple vocations.”

“The Jesuits had been at Tullabeg since 1818 and St Stanislaus College had served in a variety of different capacities. It had been a boarding school, house of formation for Jesuits and eventually served as a retreat house before it closed in 1991.”

“For some, the Jesuit formation process may need some explanation. There are multiple stages to Jesuit formation: novitiate, juniorate, philosophy, regency, theology, and if one opts to be a priest, there is ordination. The Jesuits also have lay-brothers who do not get ordained.”

“On 15 August 1893, Willie Doyle took his vows and became a Jesuit. Earlier in that year he had made his own personal vow to Mary, writing, 'My Martyrdom for Mary's Sake. Darling Mother Mary, in preparation for the glorious martyrdom which I feel assured thou art going to obtain for me, I, thy most unworthy child, oh this the first day of thy month, solemnly commence my life of slow martyrdom
by earnest hard work and constant self-denial. With my blood I promise thee to keep this resolution, do thou, sweet Mother, assist me and obtain for me the one favour I wish and long for: To die a Jesuit Martyr. May God's will, not mine, be done! May 1st, 1893. Amen.'”

“Hot tempered by nature, I believe, he never allowed himself to be carried into arbitrary action by the intemperate or unreasonable conduct of those in his charge. He was firm, but never unjust; indeed, if he erred at all, it was on the side of leniency. But apart from his self-control, the quality that struck me most was his optimism, his breezy cheerfulness in the midst of difficulties. He never lost his good spirits; he never seemed to be he never appeared to consider for a moment how trouble in his department affected himself; he was intent always on setting others on the right track.’”

“Another of his students echoed these sentiments, 'Fr Doyle's example worked good. His cheerfulness, his energy, his enthusiasm were infectious and inspiring. His whole conduct was marked by gentleness and a kindly thoughtfulness that gained him loyalty and affection. In the playing fields he was a tower of strength. I can still recall the admiration with which I watched him play full back,
or stump a batsman who had his toe barely off the ground. But above all he gave the impression to us boys of one who lived much in the presence of God. I know one boy, at least, who entered the Society ofJesus, partly, at any rate, because Fr Doyle was such a splendid man and splendid Jesuit.'”

“It is important to note that Willie often clashed with his superiors. He could sometimes be stubborn, and his sense of humour was not always appreciated. For one thing, he would mimic other Jesuits.”

“Hope also notes some other transgressions, 'On another occasion he was ordered to his room by his Superior, a school boy's punishment for a man just into his third decade! Willie obeyed: but instead of shutting his door, he piled up chair, table, priedieu, etc., at the entrance and during the evening interviewed and entertained friends and sympathisers from behind the barrier.'”

“His desire to go to the Congo never materialised. Even though he desired to be a missionary, Willie understood that God's will was paramount. This is not an uncommon feature of discernment. In such cases the discerning person must trust that whatever happens is the will of God, though they may not see it in that moment, and hand themselves over entirely in God's providence. Sometimes you and I may be more inclined to pray that 'my will be done' rather than 'thy will be done'.”

“One source of controversy attached to Willie was his penances. These are a continuing source of fuel for would-be critics. His penances were severe, but
they were not different from the kind of penances adopted by other holy people throughout history, such as John Vianney or Matt Talbot. Willie's penances are often challenging because they show a level of fortitude that others may not readily share in.”

“The prolonged nature of the conflict meant the British government wanted spiritual succour for its ever-expanding army. In these circumstances, Willie Doyle offered his services as a chaplain. In the early days, volunteering was
at a high in both Ireland and Britain, and the presence of chaplains was recognised as a beneficial aid to the morale of the soldiers. Chaplains would provide spiritual accompaniment with liturgies and sacraments where necessary. Some, like Willie Doyle, would go a step further and live with the men in the trenches. This was not a general requirement of chaplains, but it was certainly common among the Jesuit chaplains. Such acts of sacrifice did a lot to endear these chaplains to the men they served alongside.”

“His one idea was to do God's work with the men, to make them saints. How
he worked and how he prayed for this!”

“OVER ONE hundred years on from his death in the First World War, Willie Doyle, continues to fascinate people. Some have focused on his tenderness, others his sense of humour; for some his bravery is inspiring, and others are
interested in his spirituality. Looking back ac Willie's life, what lessons does he have for the world of today?”

I hope those quotes show you some of the value of this great little volume. It is a great volume. It does not matter if you only know the name, or are well versed in works by or about Fr Willie this is an excellent little edition to the canon of work about him. And I am greatly interested in following the cause of his canonization that as mentioned in the quotes is underway. I can easily recommend this volume. It is a great read about a truly inspiring life.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2023 Catholic Reading Plan!

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Dewi Sant - Saint David - Elin Meek

Dewi Sant - Saint David 
Elin Meek
ISBN 9781859029800
ISBN 1859029809

I will state again that finding books on Saint David of Wales of Sant Dewi has proven difficult. Of the six I have been able to track down only 2 are not for younger readers, children or picture books. That stated, they have still been great reads. This is the third book for young readers I have read and I have loved each of them. Elin Meek wrote this one and it is split page in Walsh and English. 

This is a short picture book on Saint David of Wales, or Sant David Dewi, it was originally published in 2001. A few years ago I read Dewi Sant: St David Patron of Wales, by J.B. Midgley which started my interest in this saint. And my son found out this is the patron saint of his school Saint David’s in Waterloo, Ontario so I decided to look for more books about him. This was the third that I have read in that further study.

Description on the back of the book:

“A colorful bilingual booklet presenting the story of Saint David, patron saint of Wales. Includes full-color illustrations and photographs throughout. Contains interesting facts about Saint David, ideal for all ages.”

This volume is different than the other two I have read to date. There are only a couple of illustrations. Most pages of the book however do contain photos, photo’s mainly of the Walsh countryside, and of people celebrating Saint David’s Day. As mentioned each page with text is split with Walsh on the left and English on the right. There are several pages that are just text from top to bottom. I highlighted several passages while reading the book, some of them are:

“The monks’ life was difficult. Discipline was strict and toiling in the fields was
physically demanding, without any machinery to help them. David and his followers would spend hours on end praying and standing in the cold waters of the river Alun to improve their self-discipline. There were no personal possessions, so everything was shared and everyone was willing to work hard for no personal gain. The food was very basic - bread and water, vegetables and fish from the sea, rather than meat. The clothes worn by David and his followers were also simple, rough garments made from animal skins, but they wore nothing on their heads and feet.”

“Although David normally remained in Vallis Rosina, it is said that he went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem where he was consecrated as an Archbishop. Indeed, David was regarded as one of the most prominent monks of the sixth century, achieving much during his life.”

“According to tradition, an angel told him on the last Tuesday of February that he would shortly be taken to heaven and that he should prepare himself. The following Sunday he took mass and a crowd of people heard his last sermon. Here are some of the most famous words from that sermon: ‘Lords, brothers and sisters, be joyful and keep your faith and your belief, and do the little things that you heard and saw me do.’”

“In the Book of Taliesin, written between 927 and 931, itis noted that the Welsh, the Irish, the Cornish and Bretons united in David’s name to oppose the English who were threatening the western borders of the Celtic countries.”

“The large cathedral was built in St David's in 1181 and as David's cult flourished, St David's also grew as a centre for pilgrims who came there to David's shrine to touch the relics.”

“After the Protestant Reformation, St David's Day was no longer celebrated as a religious festival because of its connection with the Catholic Church, but in the eighteenth century, Welsh societies started to celebrate it again and this has continued until today.”

“The Latin name Davidus has given us two Welsh names, Dewi and Dafydd, as well as the English name, David. Little boys in Wales and beyond are still named after our patron saint, especially if their birthday falls on St David's day.”

This was a great little read. I wish it was easier to find books on this saint in English. But I will take what I can get. After finishing this I have two others still to read. One a middle grade read, and young an adult volume in the same split page style as this one. This book would be a great addition for the home, the school or the church library. I was blessed to track it down and give it a read. Unlike most of the other volumes I have tracked down on this saint, this one is still in print. Therefore, I encourage you to give it a try, I am certain it will challenge and inspire readers of all ages.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2023 Catholic Reading Plan

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Jake Drake, Bully Buster - Andrew Clements - Jake Drake Book 2

Jake Drake, Bully Buster
Jake Drake Book 2
Andrew Clements
ISBN 9781416939337
eISBN 9781442462311
ASIN B007108P0E

When I started reading this I thought it was book one in the Jake Drake quadrilogy. I was mistaken. But that being said it is an excellent volume. Before I was even a third done the book, I recommended it to my son. My son is in grade 9, and yes, the volume is below his reading level. But he has been dealing with some serious bullying for a number of years now. Most of it instigated by the same ring leader, a boy that would give Link Baxter, Super Bully, more than a run for his money. My son started it the day after I did and loved the story. And even though the other Jake Drake books do not deal with bullying, we plan on reading them together in short order.

Six years ago, I discovered the works of Andrew Clements. I was instantly hooked and have now read almost 25 books from his masterful pen. Many consider him the ‘master of school stories’, and I would agree. I have a dual form of dyslexia and did not learn to read until after grade 7. So I never read ‘school stories’ when I was young. That combined with having my own school aged children has instilled a great appreciation for the genre and specifically for the works of Andrew Clements. Clements passed away in 2019 his last novel was The Friendship War, which is another excellent volume. He writes amazing stories for children, but they are also stories that any of us can learn from. Back then I set the goal of reading all of his works, but as my own children have outgrown these books and they had slid by the wayside. I have now returned to them yet again. I have read 1 a week over the last several weeks and plan to do so for a while yet.

I had no idea what this book was about when I picked it up. I grabbed it based on the author alone. I just thought it was the first in a series and based on the covers thought it was for a younger audience than many of his books I have read. It was a great read and one I wish we had read with my son years ago. It is an excellent read. The description of this book is:

“Meet Jake Drake.

He's not the toughest kid in fourth grade or the fastest kid or the funniest. But he's got ideas -- big ideas, and boy, does he have stories to tell about what really goes on in school. Like bullies, for instance. Jake wants to know "if everybody who works at school is so smart, how come they can't get rid of the bullies?...Because every year, it's the same thing. Bullies."

So it's up to Jake Drake to take matters into his own hands when Link Baxter, SuperBully, moves into the neighborhood. Link's reign of terror must be stopped...if only Jake can figure out how.”

I was not a bully magnet like Jake, but I can recall the kids who were from early grade school all the way to the end of secondary school. Some of them were hounded for years, and though many school boards have a zero tolerance policy that has not been our experience. In fact we got an email from a grade school principal this week that included:

“-we (school name redacted) will no longer be dealing with any of these issues moving forward unless they involve 'real' safety, bullying, or threats
-just because you feel bad or are crying does not mean that what you are dealing with is a 'real' problem that needs to be addressed”

But the book does bring home ways that Jake deflected the bullying, and how he learned to be a bully buster. Will they work in all cases, no! But there are some good tools mentioned in the books, and especially havening someone to talk to about it.

The chapters in this volume are:

From Bad to Worse
What Abby Said
Playing It Cool
Learning My Lesson
Dangerous Duo
Surprises and Questions
Busted Link

This is another wonderful offering from the masterful pen of Andrew Clements. This is a great early chapter book. An excellent book for young readers, and for those of us who just love a great story!

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Main Street D.O.A. - Declan Finn - White Ops Book 3

Main Street D.O.A. 
White Ops Book 3
Declan Finn
ISBN 9798985670837
eISBN 9798201715038

I have read 26 books by Declan Finn and 25 of them in the last 8 months. I have greatly enjoyed books in several other series. This is one In the White Ops Series and at the writing of this review two more has been announced.  I have been working through Finn’s back catalogue. This was an excellent story, I had not read any description or reviews before picking it up. I am currently cycling through a few of his series and just decided this one was up next, do not even have one chose for on deck when I started this one. The description of this story is:

“Sean Patrick Ryan's White Ops team has survived two wars, pirates, a cannibalistic alien horde from another galaxy, space jihadis, and political maneuvering. Their boss thinks they deserve a break and sends them to the "happiest place in the galaxy."

Luckily for Sean, terrorists take over the amusement planet before he can lose his mind.

To stop the terrorists, White Ops will have to battle a weaponized planet, including cloned dinosaurs, giant sharks, animatronic amusements and a doomsday device that will destroy the planet.

And when the deadliest assassin alive joins the fray, whose side will he be on?”

This story takes the action to a whole new level. Sean Patrick Ryan and his team of totentanzers – Rangers – are on an assigned vacation. But Ryan is a magnet for trouble and soon the vacation planet has been taken hostage. The demands are a little crazy. And the threat is to wipe out everyone on the planet and destroy the planet. Also on planet for very different reasons is John Hugh Watson, a professional assassin, maybe the best in the known universe. 

Ryan and his team must traverse the globe, fighting human Vigiles still loyal to the ousted president, animatronics with extra abilities, animatronics that include raptors, a giant squid, a Megalodon or two, and replica entertainment characters from a variety of shows and era’s. They need to diffuse fusion reactors all over the planet, evacuate billions of people, prevent a scorched earth scenario, and climate controls set to unleash natural disasters on a biblical and global scale. Not the quiet vacation for having saved the universe twice … But would Sean really want it any other way?

Towards the end of the book Sean is giving a welcome speech to a new Rangers class, he states:

““Before I finish, I would also like to ask you all one very important question: Why are you here, now, willing to join us? Why do you want to risk your life for someone else? Do you want to do it because it’s the right thing to do, or do you have a very personal reason? I want you to have a damn good reason before this year is out. I want you to think of why you’re going into all the dark places no one else will. I want you to have a reason to sustain you and keep you going when you’re taking fire from an enemy or waiting to die cold and alone in the middle of the darkness.

“We are the sentinels who keep watch in the night. We keep away the monsters. We are the dragon slayers and the knights-errant. This is who we are. Is this who you want to be?

“Welcome to Ranger training.””

Between the above quote and a the last page of the book we are staged from some excellent action in the next instalment. This story is packed full of action. It has great characters. An excellent pace. It is just a really fun story. 

This was a very entertaining story with Finn’s usual sense of humour! I really enjoyed with this offering from the masterful pen of Finn. It is a great read. And leaves you wondering what happens in book 4. An excellent read I can easily recommend this book, this series and all of the books from Finn I have read to date!

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2023 Catholic Reading Plan

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Thursday 26 January 2023

Holy Is His Name - Scott Hahn - The Transforming Power of God’s Holiness in Scripture

Holy Is His Name: The Transforming Power of God’s Holiness in Scripture
Scott Hahn
Emmaus Road Publishing

ISBN 9781645852551
ISBN 9781645852568
eISBN 9781645852575

When I first returned to the Catholic Church about 25 years ago, Scott Hahn’s works were instrumental in my being a revert. A few different priests at recollections or on retreat recommended his books. I have greatly benefited for everything of his I have read, and this one is another amazing read. Scott Hahn is a masterful writer. With every book I read I have a greater appreciation for his skill, as a wordsmith, for his faith, and for his ability to unpack topics and make them accessible to reader in the general public, or in other works for the staunchest academic. This book is written for the general public, but I hope it will grab hold in the halls of academia and theological schools, and for commentators on our culture. The description of this volume is:

“Catholics are taught to prize holiness—to admire it in others and to strive for it in their own lives. But we’re never quite told what holiness is. In Holy Is His Name: The Transforming Power of God’s Holiness in Scripture, Scott Hahn seeks to define the term in order to help us better understand our relationship with holiness. Tracing the meaning of holiness first through the Old Testament and then the New, Hahn masterfully reveals how God gradually transmits his holiness to his people—through creation, right worship, and more—and ultimately transforms them through the sharing of his divine life.”

And the chapters are:

Luv Is Not All You Need
The Genesis of Holiness
The Holiness Explosion
Holiness in the Kingdom
Not Wholly Holy
Holiness in the Prophets
Holiness in Person
Becoming Holy, Becoming “Gods”
The Body of Holiness
His Type of Holiness
Holiness and Priesthood
Holiness in Hebrews
Holiness Today

Several authors and clergy I greatly respect have already given this book a recommendation. Such as:

“We don’t have to learn to be frightened, but as loving children of a loving God, saved through the Cross of Christ, we do need to learn how to fear God. Scott Hahn’s Holy Is His Name explains for priests and lay people what it means to be holy, to realize how distant we are from God’s holiness, how we must be in awe and wonder at his transcendence and majesty and recognize our worth and our smallness before his all-knowing compassion.”
George Cardinal Pell

“Holy Is His Name offers a profound and thorough reflection upon the mark of holiness which belongs properly only to God but which belongs, by participation, to every Christian in virtue of the immeasurable and unceasing love of God for man. We are deeply indebted to Hahn for his labor of love of Christ and of his Church, which offers to us the great gift of Holy Is His Name.”
Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke

“Catholics are taught to strive for holiness. But what does it actually mean to ‘be holy’? In this captivating book, Dr. Scott Hahn traces the theme of holiness in Scripture and shows how it is about so much more than good behavior and doing good Catholic things. True holiness is ultimately about God’s very divine life dwelling within us, changing us, and making us ever more like him, so that we can be healed of our many sins and weaknesses and can begin to love with God’s own love. And this transformation is not just for priests, religious, or exceptional lay people; it is what God desires for every human person. Read Holy Is His Name and you no doubt will be inspired to deepen your own personal encounter with the power of God’s holiness.”
Edward Sri

“Scott Hahn presents, with a style both theological and masterful, the rich biblical spirituality of holiness. Taking us from the ‘luv’ generation of the 1960s and the Jesus Movement back through the Hebrew Scriptures to the New Testament and Christian experience, he ushers to the mystical heights of authentic holiness in Christ. This is a must-read.”
John Michael Talbot

And many other recommendations on the books site, inside the volume, and on the dust jacket. I am just a small time Catholic Book Blogger. I love reading and reviewing books I love. So this is my plug for this excellent volume.

This is a volume I wish had been around when I was in high school. If I had read this book in my teens or even my early 20’s. It is a book that would have saved me years away from the church, years of struggles, and likely many sins. This is a book that can be read by a high school student or from the most learned theologian. It is a volume that will transform lives. I could see it becoming a classic. It is a book that will open the eyes, encourage the heart, and challenge the mind. And it does it through the lens of scriptures. It is another excellent offering from Hahn’s masterful pen and a book I can easily recommend.

If you wish to buy the book directly from The St. Paul Center do so here

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2023 Catholic Reading Plan!

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