Friday 28 April 2023

Eye of the Storm - Declan Finn - White Ops Book 5

Eye of the Storm
White Ops Book 5
Declan Finn
ISBN 9798390521748
eISBN 9798215493946

This is an excellent installment in an amazing series! 

This series seriously just keeps getting better and better! Wow! I could hardly put the book down I stayed up way too late and read it! I am old enough to know better. I have read 43 books by Declan Finn and 42 of them in the last year. White Ops is one of my favourite series by Finn. This one jumped to the top of my ‘to be read’ pile the day it released. It was one of 5 books by Finn that dropped in the same week, this and the 4 novels from the Live at Fist Bite series, back in print all released. The description of this story is:

“Those of the planet Renar have one rule regarding the local mafia: They do not exist.

When White Ops leader Sean Patrick Ryan uncovers its existence, he finds a world of political intrigue and corruption that stretches back years. The Mafia has cast a shadow that has touched every member of his team. Now, the Mafia wants to emerge from the shadows.

Their first target: Sean Ryan. Despite Sean being held back by local politics and diplomatic niceties, he's still the most dangerous man in the universe.

They underestimated him”

The further I get into this series the more I see echoes of Babylon 5. In most ways that enhances the stories. And I can honestly say I prefer these books now over the show that inspired them. These are not just modified fan fiction, they may have been the original bases but over time with the rewrites these have eclipsed the original. The framework that Finn uses and the characters he has written are exceptional. The pace is great, and though a lot of this story introduces us to the expanded team members of White ups, it sets up a lot of future possibilities. 

This story takes the action to yet another level. Sean Patrick Ryan and his team grows exponentially. The head of the totentanzers the Rangers the Al’na’Thra has ordered hms to accept recruits. The recruits come from many planets, numerous government agencies and from other less organized organizations. They are preparing for war, war with an entire clan. A clan that has impacted many members of the team and will try and destroy them all. So Ryan and the Rangers declare totentanz a fight to the death. Only one of them will be left standing. 

This story build and builds until a final battle that once you start reading it you will not be able to put the book down. In this story there are no travels the whole story takes place on a single planet, and in a stronghold below it. At the end of the volume is chart that contains name, rank, and code name of the members of White Ops. It is a really valuable tool. There is a lot of action, and weapons, and fights in this story. But there is also a lot of humour. Even just some of the code names, and why Ryan assigned them, will make you laugh out loud. I never thought that reading a series of job interviews would be interesting but Finn made it so. 

This was another awesome story from Finn’s masterful pen! I really enjoyed this volume and the whole series thus far. It is a great read. And leaves you wondering what happens next. This is an excellent read, I can easily recommend this book, this series and all of the books from Finn I have read to date!

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2023 Catholic Reading Plan

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