Wednesday 26 April 2023

Deadly Games - K.T. Galloway - Annie O'Malley Book 6

Deadly Games
Annie O'Malley Book 6
A.W.E. Publishing
ISBN 9781915197054

This is another great read in a very good series. It is British Crime Procedural novel, mystery - thriller. This one was hard to put down. It was an addictive read. Over the last few years I have read many crime or thriller novels. I love the DCI Kett novels from Alex Smith and the DCI Will Blake novels from J.E. Mayhew. And the DCI Jack Logan books by J.D. Kirk. Alex Smith had recommended Mayhew and I ripped through that series, so when he recommended this series I had to give it a try. They have not disappointed, and this one is excellent.

Annie O’Malley is a psychotherapist and former police officer. And not only does she have baggage from her stunted police career, but even more from experiences when she was young. Now she has been drawn back, back into a world she had left behind, back to a world she was glad was behind her. Back to her own childhood and her sister who is still missing. In this one O’Malley and Swift are on a case that involves a crown attorney who is rigged with a bomb and being given tasks to do. The tasks keep getting more and more violent and illegal. Because of O’Malley’s quick thinking and improvisational skills they have an in on figuring out what is happening and why, but will it be enough?

The description of the book is:

“Tick, tick, tick... BOOM.

When Annie O’Malley and DI Joe Swift are called to the local park to investigate reports of vandalism, they begin one of the most harrowing cases of their career.

The vandal is a scared young woman with a bomb strapped to her chest and a list of games she must play.

As the games get more gruesome, the young woman has a choice to make; kill or be killed.

O’Malley, Swift, Tink, and Page find themselves racing against time to uncover who is behind the games before the bomb detonates.

But it soon becomes clear that the games-master is a thrill seeker and he’s out to have fun, no matter how deadly the consequences.”

This story again puts both O’Malley and Swift in the line of fire, this time not directly but when you are trying to save some one in a suicide vest just being in proximity is dangerous. There are a lot of suspects and a lot of misdirection. There was an incredible twist at the climax of the story. And O’Malley finally gets to sit down with her long lost sister and have a long conversation. 

Can they save the victim? Can they save themselves? To find out you will need to read this suspenseful novel. It is a good read, in a great series and leaves you waiting for the next volume One Last Breath.

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