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Treasure In Heaven - Father Mark Goring - Journal Edition

Treasure In Heaven
ISBN 9781090489593

This is the sixth volume I have read by Father Mark Going, and I have read at twice that number from his Saint Mark’s School or Reading. There are at least three editions of this volume that I am aware of. There is a version available on the Companions of the Cross website for download in PDF. There is a booklet version much like the tracks and booklets from the Catholic Truth Society or Lighthouse Catholic Media found at the back of churches. And there is this edition published by the author and set up with journaling space for each day. 

With every book I have read by Father Mark, I have been blessed and this is an  excellent offering well worth picking up in any of the three formats. 

The description of the book is:

“Treasure in Heaven is a prayer journal designed to help kick start your prayer life. It’s perfect for those who have never prayed before and those who have fallen out of the habit of daily prayer. It's 40 days long and the perfect start for a daily prayer life. God is our treasure, and yet few people embark on the adventure of seeking God. I believe that it is because we do not know where to start. Treasure in Heaven is here to do just that: give you the launch point to a deeper relationship with God. Through this simple 40-day, 10 minutes a day prayer and journal guide, my hope is that you will acquire the discipline of daily prayer, gain a deeper understanding of who God is, and invite Jesus to be at the centre of your life. Are you ready? “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” -Matthew 6:21. This newly designed version includes the basic Gospel Message with illustrations and related bible verses, followed by a prayer of surrender. This makes it a simple way to share Jesus with others (a tool to help you evangelize). Smaller pocket-sized versions of Treasure in Heaven are available by contacting the Companions of the Cross main office. Visit us at (Fr. Mark Goring, CC is a priest of the Companions of the Cross).”

I had started reading this volume around the same time I finished the edition of Proverbs Fr Mark has published, in it he highlights 7 prayers he believes every Catholic should pray each day. In Treasures in Heaven Father Goring has 13 prayers to be prayed each of the 40 days opening and closing each with the Sign of the Cross. Of the 7 listed in this volume I already pray each of them most days, I try for each day but occasionally miss. Father Goring in the Forward states:

“This booklet is a prayer guide that will lead you into a personal relationship with the Holy Trinity. God is our treasure. And yet few people embark on the adventure of seeking God. Scripture promises that if we seek the Lord we will find Him.

This booklet is a 40-day challenge. The challenge is to pray 10 minutes a day for 40 days.

My hope is that through this booklet you will acquire the discipline of daily prayer and that this discipline will remain with you for the rest of your life.”

There are some slight difference in the three editions, and the one from the companions site appears to be the oldest, it only lists 7 prayers and the freedom prayer. In that version the prayers are at the beginning and each day has the reflection. The chapters in that edition are:

Keeping Track

The other two editions the chapters are:

Searching for Something More
How to Use Treasures in heaven
The Daily Structure
Daily Scripture Reflection

The booklet edition each facing pages lists the order for the day with the reflection in the middle. There are seven prayers before the Daily Scripture Reflection and six after it.

This is a wonderful volume. No matter how good your spiritual life I am certain you could benefit from reading this book and working through the 40 days. My son, who is 14, has asked for my booklet version and is keeping a digital journal for the 40 days. 

I am certain anyone who picks up the booklet edition or the journal edition will benefit from reading and praying the 40 days. It will enhance your prayer life if it is good, and if you are looking for me it will help you establish a routine. 

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2023 Catholic Reading Plan!

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