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Codename Unsub - Declan Finn and Allan Yoskowitz - Last Survivors Book 2

Codename: Unsub
Last Survivors Book 2
Declan Finn
Allan Yoskowitz
ISBN 9781519031457

This is the thirty-eighth volume I have read from the pen of Declan Finn, and only the third that is a collaboration with another author. One of which was the first in this series, Codename Winterborn. I have read 37 of those in under the last year. I have been reading his works at a pace of about a book a week. This is another excellent read, and I am sorry the series has only two volumes. The description of this book is:

“Back in the "real world," Kevin Anderson had worn many hats: SEAL, spy, avenger, and Winterborn. Since being exiled into San Francisco of 2094, Kevin has tried to settle in as best he can. He acts as the threat that keeps Chinatown safe. He's got a friend in the local assassin. The private military contractor had agreed to stay away from him. The drugs dealers stay out of his way on fear of death. And the area death cult think that he's the second coming of Kali. So who would be dumb enough to leave a body practically on Kevin's doorstep? The murder of a local business puts Kevin's position in jeopardy. It makes him look week and ineffectual. All Kevin has to do is find the killer, and teach him the error of his ways, preferably in a permanent fashion. But the killer has left his mark, and it's of a professional killer. The suspects are few and far between, but they're all dangerous. When the next bodies start to hit the ground, it becomes clear that Kevin is dealing with something new to this San Francisco: a serial killer. And now, without modern forensics, databases, police forces, and relying purely on his wits, Kevin must delve into the underbelly of this nightmare city, in search of a man deadlier than any he has ever encountered before. The one thing neither Kevin or the serial killer knows is that they're on a collision course that will either save the world or destroy it.”

Like the first in the series it has a bit of a feel of a mashup of Jack Reacher, the Punisher, the Equalizer and MacGyver. Or like the Escape from LA and Escape from New York movies. It is a greatly entertaining read. In the first one Kevin’s team is wiped out. He survives and pursued vengeance. Now exiled in San Francisco he is fighting to protect and to not become a monster. This time he is up against a different enemy, and this time he has allies and friends. Kyle Elsen the last master assassin, and possibly the last member of the assassin guild. The triplets and others.

Kevin Anderson has very specific skills, skills the government paid to train and hone. Then a subset of that government sold out his team. His background:

“Lt. Kevin Michael Anderson. USMC Codename: Spartan. SEAL Codename: Winterborn. CID Codename: Nemesis. Airborne Rated, Ranger Qualified. Mossad Certified: Urban Warfare Specialist. Marksmanship Medal. Other Medals Classified. Current Status: Classified.”

Anderson has a new home, a home he will fight for. Kill for. And He will not rest! The characters are amazing, it has an excellent story arc, and a break neck pace. This story could easily be continued, or even spin off stories about many of the characters. 

Another excellent read from the masterful pen of Declan Finn. It is my second encounter of the works of Allan Yoskowitz, and I believe his only other is the companion volume to this Codename Winterborn. For fans of the Saint Tommy I am certain you will appreciate Kevin. Think a Jason Bourne who was raised Catholic and holds his beliefs as central to his being. An excellent read I cannot recommend this book, this series and many of Finn’s other offerings enough!   

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2023 Catholic Reading Plan

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