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Storming Area 51 35 New Stories - Bayonet Books Anthology Book 2

Storming Area 51 35 New Stories 
Bayonet Books Anthology Book 2
Bayonet Books
ISBN 9781734025729

Storming Area 51

Wow this is a beast of a book. At a whopping 800 pages. I did not know anything about this anthology when I picked it up, other than that Declan Finn had contributed a story. I had read all of his novels over the last year and am now working through all the anthologies he contributed to. This is the second such anthology. I have also picked up 2 of the more recent Bayonet Books Anthologies #7 Fire for Effect and #8 The Monster Within because Finn had contributed, but I will likely pick up all in this series and give them a read.

According to the description of this volume, below, this is 35 stories created from a meme. It took me 10 days to work through this volume, and even they I read a couple of other works in parallel. By about the 15th story I needed a break from the collection. Not because it is bad but the number of stories about Karen’s, Kyle’s, greys, greens, lizard people got to be a bit much. I am pretty eclectic in my reading and the similarities was a little overwhelming, and I may or may not have dreamed about the great rush of area 51 to find out the truth and free aliens once or twice. But I can neither confirm nor deny that. The description of the volume is:

“Thirty-five awesome stories - one kick ass meme that started it all.

It started as a joke. Storm Area 51 they said. They can't stop all of us they said. But all laughter stopped when the U.S. Air Force mobilized the reserves and pulled out the big guns.

However, relentless mockery and derision by the media and the powers that be pushed the weebs and alien enthusiasts too far. What else were they supposed to do? They put on their big girl panties and showed up, determined to find out exactly what secrets were hidden behind the walls of the clandestine government facility.

Are you brave enough to buy this anthology today? If you are find out what the government wants to keep hidden.”

The contributors in the collection are:
Alice Peng 
Chris Winder 
J. R. Handley & Cisca Small 
J. William Adler 
Michael J. Allen 
Sophie J. Shepherd 
Walt Robillard

And the stories are:

 Naruto Charge - C.J. Carella 
 Dark Mater - J W Kiefer 
 More to Carry - Walt Robillard 
 Eminent Domain - Michael Gants 
 Sunny Side Up - Sarah A. Hoyt 
 Embasy City Delivery - Alice Peng 
 The Sage V'Sal - Jamie Ibson 
 Destinys End - Tim Niederriter 
 Waterbenders in the Desert - Philip Ginn 
 The Cricket - Chris Winder 
 Stalking Death - E. A. Shanniak 
 Home - Marisa Wolf 
 #Vaporize - Aaron Seaman 
 Shift Work - Doug Burbey 
 The Rise of the Ghids - Nathan Pedde 
 Angel - 51: Princess of Earth - Tim C. Taylor 
 Sanity Check - Casey Moores 
 Love Finds Away - J. R. Handley & Cisca Small 
 Fallout -  A Vapid Vixens Short - I. Ronik 
 Crashing the Party -  A Scion Story - Michael J. Allen 
 Controlled Chaos - Alex C. Gates 
 Area 51 is Not Enough - Declan Finn 
 Kyle: Respawned - IQ Malcolm 
 Paradise Ranch - Milissa L. Story 
 Viva la Revolución - J. William Adler 
 Evan and Kyle Meet the Survey Cube - Joshua M. Young 
 Nothing's Gonna Happen - Sophie J. Shepherd 
 Hangar Nine - Lawrence N. Oliver 
 Routine Duty - Mel Todd 
 Storm the Gates - Drew Avera 
 Balancing the Scales - Philip K. Booker 
 The Trip Home - Tamsin L. Silver 
 Isabella's Campaign - Robert W. Ross 
 Hey Sweetie - Daniel Medrano 
 Crickey! - R. Max Tillsley

There are several excellent offerings in the volume. And there is not a dud in the collection. Which with 35 stories is impressive. As usually there is one or 2 that just do not connect or fire for the reader. However that was not the case this time. I do not believe I have read stories by any of contributors other than Finn previously. But A few books have been added to my wish list after reading this. And that is part of what I love about anthologies being exposed to new authors and new series. A few of the pieces in this work link to other series, some called out in the title some in the introduction to the story or the authors bio after the story. There is no Editor listed in this volume, at least not the eBook edition. The cover lists it as the “Florida Man Special Edition” but there is no information on that. I could not even find a website for Bayonet books to link to in the review. Some standout stories were Dark Matter by JW Kiefer, Embassy City Delivery by Alice Peng, The Sage V’Sal by Jamie Ibson, Home by Marisa Wolf, Kyle: Respawned by IQ Malcolm, Paradise Ranch by Milissa L. Story, Routine Duty by Mel Todd, The Trip Home by Tamsin L. Silver, Isabella’s Campaign by Robert W. Ross, and Declan Finn’s Area 51 Is Not Enough. Finn’s story is set well in the future of his Live at First Bite Series that I had just finished. It was great to connect with the characters again. And Kyle: Respawned is like a scifi Groundhogs day. But ever with the stories that I really like, I still cannot think of one that I would say nah ‘don’t give it a read’.

This is an excellent anthology, 35 great stories. And if the other anthologies from Bayonet Books are as good I am in for hours of excellent reading ahead. I can easily recommend this anthology filled with stories of Kyles, Karens, greenies, greys and all sorts of stories in between. 

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