Sunday 13 August 2023

Prayer of the Day Prayer Charles de Foucauld Abandonment Prayer

Charles de Foucauld Abandonment Prayer 

My Father, I abandon myself to you, 
do with me what you will. 
Whatever you do with me, I thank you. 
I am ready for everything, I accept everything. 
So long as your will is done in me, 
in all your creatures, 
I desire nothing else, my God. 
I give back my soul into your hands. 
I give it to you, my God, 
with all the love of my heart, 
because I love you, 
and because for me it is a necessity of love to give myself, 
to give myself back into your hands without measure, 
with an infinite confidence, 
for you are my Father.  
Prayer by Bl. Charles de Foucauld taken from: 
A Scriptural Companion to Eucharistic Adoration  
Father Florian Racine 
ISBN 9781784692032 
eISBN 9781784695835 
CTS Booklet D825 

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