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My Daily Prayer List April 2024 And How I Found a Way to Pray More

My Daily Prayer List April 2024
And How I Found a Way to Pray More

<y Office, My son's and youngest daughter's prayer corners, and my workour corner with Prie Dieu and cross.

Prayer like physical exercise is something I believe takes practice, discipline and planning. Much as we train the body or the mind we need to train the spirit to grow in prayer. 

Several years ago, I used the app/website to track some goals. I thought it would be good to use as a tool to pray more. So, I started building goals on it for specific prayers each day. The problem was that over time it became about the streak, and I struggled with that. SO I started creating calendar reminders for the different prayers I wanted to pray each day. I created a separate calendar so I would not see them when booking appointments and such but could toggle it on or off. When I started, I scheduled them every 15 minutes with calendar reminders. When I woke up in the morning a number would be in my inbox and as I prayed that specific prayer for that specific intention, I would just delete the email notification. Occasionally if I was very busy at work, sick, or have been up all night because of being on call I will delete a bunch without praying them, rather than stressing about being ‘perfect’ in the prayer goals. 

This method has helped me increase the number of prayers I am praying each day, and it has helped me memorize a number of prayers as I have added them to the list. Sometimes I add a prayer and it is just not a good fit. For example, I tried three different Spiritual Communion’s before I settled on one that flowed well for me. Another example is a few years back a specific friend kept coming to mind for prayer, when I asked him, he asked me to pray for 3 things, I checked in occasionally but had a reminder for 3pm to pray three Hail Mary’s for three things for John. Eventually he told me it was all resolved, and I dropped it from the schedule. Often prayers are added as I read books about specific saints, blesseds or venerables. 

My current prayer list from April 11th 2024 is:

Litany of St. Joseph
Litany Of Trust
Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Loretto
Novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe
Consecration To Mary
Prayer to Saint Michael
Prayer of St. Ignatius of Loyola
Prayer Of Humility Daily
Saint Scholastica Prayer
Fatima Prayers
Prayer to the Holy Spirit
Prayer Secret of Success by Blessed James Alberione
Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Unbound Prayer
Prayer to Saint Jude
Prayer to St Benedict
Pray the Little Consecration
Act of Consecration to St. Joseph
Consecration to St. Joseph
Prayer of Erasmus
Saint Martin de Porres Prayer
A Hunter's Prayer

A Prayer for the Removal of the Wicked
Canonization Prayer for Father William Doyle
Prayer to Pope Benedict XVI
Prayer for the Beatification and Canonization of Father Emil Kapaun
Prayer for Newly Ordained Pawel Strojewski
Prayer to Saint Benedict
Pray for Seminarian Damian Kikta
A prayer to our Lady of Guadalupe
Saint Ignatius of Antioch Prayer

Prayer for the Conversion of a Sinner to Our Lady of Pepetual Succour
A Prayer for The Souls In Purgatory
Prayer in Honor of Saint Scholastica
Prayer to St John Ogilvie

Act of Contrition

The prayers start in my calendar at 12am and go until 10pm. IT has been working well for me. 

When I started using this method in February of 2018 there were about a dozen prayers spread throughout the day including the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet that are not listed above as they are not a set time. I also have a weekly reminder Friday at noon to try and pray a Stations of the Cross on Fridays through out the year and each day during Lent. It is a tool I have used to pray more intentionally, for specific requests or to specific saints, and I hope it gives you some ideas for how you might add more prayer into your life.

Below are photos of my Home Office and my youngest two children's prayer corners.

Fitness My Gear April 2024

Note: If the name of the prayer has a link it is a link to a post with that specific prayer.

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