Tuesday 16 April 2024

Daily Prayers to Save America The Mantle of Mary Project - Fr. John Anthony Boughton CFR and Bud Macfarlane Jr.

Daily Prayers to Save America: 
The Mantle of Mary Project
Fr. John Anthony Boughton CFR
Bud Macfarlane Jr.
Xavier Macfarlane (Editor)
ISBN 9780964631694

My first encounter with this prayer book was in the novel Catholic Joe Superhero by Steven S Thomas, in it he mentions in passing a box of green prayer books and a priest recommending that the main character pick up one. I reached out to Steve to find out if it was a specific book and he let me to this volume. You can download a pdf for free from the Mary Foundation site. I choose to pick up the Kindle edition. And you can order them for a little as $1 a booklet and shipping. 

The description of the booklet is:

“Millions of Christians share a profound certainty that something has gone terribly wrong with our nation. An immense war in the spiritual realm is being waged to determine the future of America.

You can now do something about it every day by offering the three prayers featured in this book (it takes just 12 minutes):

● The Auxilium Christianorum Prayers
(From the well-known exorcist, Father Chad Ripperger, FSSP)

● The Divine Mercy Chaplet
(as requested by the Guardian Angel of America)

● The all-new Mantle of Mary Prayer

Join the Prayer Movement
By praying with us, you become part of the fast-growing Mantle of Mary Project, which was founded in 2020 by the lionhearted Father John Anthony Boughton, Vicar General of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. (You can learn how this initiative started below.)

Everyone who prays with us is calling upon the Holy Spirit to bring forth the greatest of Great Awakenings and Illumination of Consciences.

Helping You Reach Others
This book also features a rousing call to action by bestselling novelist Bud Macfarlane (founder of the Mary Foundation).

For the first time ever, Bud connects little-known facts of America's Catholic history with profound theological truths to help you bring other brave souls into Father Boughton's "hidden" spiritual warfare movement through this life-changing little prayer book.”

The sections in this booklet are:

Help God Save America
Before You Begin
Auxilium Christianorum Prayers
The Divine Mercy Chaplet
Mantle of Mary Prayer
Why This Prayer Book Exists
More Daily Prayers
Would you like to introduce this free prayer book to your…
Free Gifts from the Mary Foundation
The Warning
Your Divine Insurance Policy

In the section ‘Why This Prayer Book Exists’ we are informed:

“Over thirty years ago, Our Lady inspired me to start the Mary Foundation. Since then, our amazing benefactors have distributed over twenty million free tools for evangelization in the form of recordings, booklets, scapulars, novels—and now, this little prayer book.

I am convinced this is the most important resource we have ever made available. Those who offer the prayers within these pages will help bring about God’s greatest public triumph through direct intervention since the parting of the Red Sea. You have an opportunity to influence the trajectory of entire nations, and thereby help billions of souls go to heaven who otherwise may have chosen to go to hell.”

Overall this is a good little prayer book. It is not extensive. It is clear concise and has a few key prayers. The price cannot be beat. It would be a great tool for beginners, or for interceding for the nation. 

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2024 Catholic Reading Plan

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