Monday 26 February 2024

Catholic Joe Superhero - Steven S Thomas

Catholic Joe: Superhero
ISBN 9798863507170

I kept hearing about this story before I picked it up. I had heard so many good things; I was worried I would be disappointed because of the hype. That concern was unfounded. I absolutely loved this novel and look forward to future stories in the series. While reading this I could not help by think about the Pius Man series and St Tommy NYPD series by Declan Finn. The description of this story states:

“This is the first in the Catholic Joe series. Lieutenant General Joseph Salvatore, Husband and Father of a large family, is a man’s man. At age 48 he is still one of the deadliest men on the planet, able to kill an enemy with his bare hands, and with the same hands tenderly caress his wife and children. Joe brings that same lethal intensity as he fights to save his youngest brother Vinny’s marriage.
In fighting for his brother, Joe, later deemed Catholic Joe by a reporter, uncovers corruption in the government and his church. You will feast on courage while you accompany Joe as he is targeted in a raid on his home by the FBI, secretly placed in Cook County Jail to be Epsteined, and targeted by Freemasonic assassins before he can share with the world what he has uncovered.”

The pace of this story ebbs and flows. But it does build towards a clear climax. There is some serious action both spiritual and with weapons. The story is a high octane thriller. It is a story about faith, family, and faithfulness to traditional Catholic teachings. It is a story about changing society by fortifying the family. 

The novel represents one man who has built up a wide network of friends and family who know and trust each other. He has several circles of influence; the military, governmental agents across agencies, priests and pastors at all level of the clergy. He is not willing to back down but has taken precautions to protect his family. He is set on standing up against a growing woke agenda; and also corruption within the hierarchy of the church. He knows when to ask for help, and he listens to advice from his brothers in arms, from priests and from his wife. He is using technology to trace and make links and establish evidence as needed. And he knows when to step away from the technology so that things will be private.

The writing for a first novel is exceptional. The characters are well developed and crafted. In some ways it reads like a Reacher novel or Jason Bourne but where Catholicism and living his faith is central to his character. The main difference is Joe Catholic knows he cannot do it on his own, he turns to his friends, and seeks heavenly help. 

I will be honest there were times while reading this I stopped and prayed. I prayed for friends and family. I prayed for the state of our world. The main character mentions box of prayer books at the back of a parish and he picks up one. I asked the author and he said it is the Daily Prayers to Save America prayer book, I picked up the digital copy and am currently praying my way through it. 

This story is a great example of Catholic fiction. Overall an impressive first novel that leaves you desperate to read about what happens next. I cannot wait to see where the story will go. I can easily recommend this book. So pick it up and give it a try I am certain you will appreciate the story.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2024 Catholic Reading Plan

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