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Dusklight - N.R. LaPoint - Raven Mistcreek Book 2

Raven Mistcreek Book 2
Mistcreek Publishing
ISBN 9798520154136
ISBN 9798884957008

Dusklight - N.R. LaPoint - Raven Mistcreek Book 2

This is the sixth novel and seventh story I have read by LaPoint. With each I am more impressed with his style, skills, and range. I had not read the description before picking this up. I picked up all his available books wile in the middle of reading a previous story. I loved the first book in this series, Chalk, and this one took the action, adventure and horror to a whole new level. 

The description of this volume is:

“Raven Mistcreek was hoping for a peaceful retreat to her future home, Dusklight Castle. Surrounded by friends and her marriage to Baron Percival Dayspring only a few months off, everything seemed perfect. When a horde of monsters from a lower level of The Continuum attacks Raven’s caravan, the retreat becomes anything but peaceful. But that’s just the beginning of Raven’s problems.

Ever since the Horseman's demise, cults dedicated to reviving Death have been popping up.T he Inquisition has been putting them down, but a mass kidnapping and whispers of an unholy text suggests the latest cult might have something else in mind than resurrecting a dead Horseman of the Apocalypse.

Are the kidnappings and attack on the caravan related? Is Dusklight safe or are Raven and her friends heading into more danger? The cosmic adventure horror series continues in the action-packed sequel to Chalk featuring new allies and new horrors.”

Raven just wanted a nice quiet visit to her fiancé’s castle. Alas that was not to be. We learn more about Raven, and her infinity in this instalment. We also learn how her and her brother’s infinity can combine in a unique and rather helpful fashion. Raven’s best friend, Kasumi, is now married to her brother and they are both teasing her about her upcoming nuptials. 

The characters are wonderfully written. Our heroine Raven Mistcreek is a force to be reckoned with. She may be a Catholic school girl, but she has deep faith, and trusts in God’s leadings. She can also draw things with chalk and then pull out the object and use it. 

While they are traveling, they encounter evil beings that should not be able to be in this level of the continuum. These beings seem to be able to hide in shadows and even use the shadows in a way that does not make sense. Soon Raven, Percival and his knights, Kasumi, and a trio of travellers with the inquisition must face something they never expected. 

The new friends are an interesting mix, and fit in well with the team. The knights take a quick liking to Raven and her constructs. And in the battles that ensue more than one friend and ally is lost. But to find out where the danger comes from and if they can counter it you will need to read this excellent novel.

The story moves at a quick pace but starts off slower than book 1. The whole adventure takes place over just a few days. But it travels across the realm of the Mistcreek family, and eventually down the continuum. Again, there is some serious action, battles, and some dark scary parts. There is also humour, fun and friendship. I can’t quite describe it as a buddy book, but it is close. It feels more like a team on a quest or campaign.

The appearance again of Saint Joan of arc and her revelation at the end sets up book three, Archangel well. And leaves you desperate for it. This was a wonderful read. I am excited to share it with my youngest two children and hope my niece and her brothers love it as well. Before I had even finished book 1 I sent a copy my nice as a birthday present and she is very excited about the book and series. I cannot wait to dig into the next volume, which. This was a great read in an excellent series. Catholic fiction at its best. I can easily recommend this story for anyone who loves a good fantasy with more than a modicum of horror mixed it. An excellent volume from Lapoint’s masterful pen.
Note: This book is part of a series of reviews 2024 Catholic Reading Plan!

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Dusklight - N.R. LaPoint - Raven Mistcreek Book 2

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