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Metalsaurus - N.R. LaPoint - Dinosaur Warfare 2

Dinosaur Warfare 2
Mistcreek Publishing
ISBN 9798853909120

Metalsaurus Dinosaur Warfare Book 2 N.R. LaPoint

The series had a great beginning and this installment took it to a whole new level. This was the fifth offering from the pen of N. R. LaPoint that I have read. The first was a short story, Azrael, in the anthology Swords and Maidens he edited; the second was, Christmas Evil: A Heavy Metal Holiday Novella. Now I am alternating titles in this series his Raven Mistcreek series and his few stand-alones. While reading the first in this series I picked up LaPoint’s remaining novels that I did not have yet. The stories I have read by LaPoint are vastly different, and each has given me a greater appreciation for his skill and talent as an author. LaPoint came from a recommendation by Declan Finn, 2 years ago I read everything Finn had in print reading about a book a week, I now plan to do the same with Lapoint’s works, but back to this volume.

The description of this volume is:

“With one threat out of the way, Ambrose Weaver leads his crew in an ongoing struggle for survival.

Bug-men, dinosaurs, giant vermin, and mutant beasts have threatened their very existence. Princess Xenia brings with her hope of a future on the deadly planet Typhon,but old foes are finding their own allies and continuing their hunt.

War looms as the Vidarians make themselves known and mad scientist barbarians threaten to destroy Xenia's kingdom.

Can Ambrose, Raum, and the others stop them, or will Typhon become little more than a massive graveyard?”

This story was so hard to put down, I admit to staying up much later than I should one night because I kept saying ‘just one more page’. I read this one while on holidays over March Break, so the lack of sleep did not impact work. Before I was even finished the first one I started telling my 16 year old son about it and he is reading the series as well now. We are both big fans of Corinna Turner's unSPARKed Series and this is alike a space opera version set well into the future. I would describe it as a mash up of Piers Anthony’s Bio of a Space Tyrant and Turner’s unSPARKed with the T-Rex controlled by the hat in Meet the Robinsons. I absolutely loved this story. This one also has a strong feel of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Barsoom series.

I have a dual form of dyslexia and did not learn to read until later than many. This story really took me back to a lot of the stuff I read back then. Like Piers Anthony’s Bio of a Space Tyrant and also Edgar Rice Burroughs Barsoom series or The Warlord of Mars Series as I always called it. I loved both of those series, but from this series has eclipsed them both! 

The characters are well written. I love the new characters we are introduced to in the village. And appreciate the character growth in those from our first adventure in this series. The plot moves at a great pace, not as intense as book one, but some serious world building. Plus our team cannot run on pure adrenalin indefinitely, some down time and training time made great sense. The interesting concepts continued. The interactions between the self-appointed captain and the crew are growing and changing. The princess and reconnecting with her people add a great element. The interactions between the humans and the bonded dinosaurs are awesome. The battles with other dinosaurs, other creatures, and humanoids trying to kill them are exhilarating.

As mentioned I have picked up all of LaPoint’s published works. I am alternating stories in his two series and his trio of standalones. This is another great read in a wonderful series. It is a little bit space opera little big lost world, and a whole lot of fun. I can easily recommend this novel and series.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews 2024 Catholic Reading Plan!

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