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Farmwife - Cedar Sanderson as Lilania Begley - Bluehills Book 2

Bluehills Book 2
Lilania Begley
Sanderley Studios.

Farmwife - Cedar Sanderson as Lilania Begley - Bluehills Book 2

This was the fifth story I have read that was written as Lilania Begley by Cedar Sanderson. The three others were in a classic science fiction style, this one is more of a soft romance. And a little bit western, much like book 1 in the Bluehills series, Farmhand. The first had some serious action, this one not so much. It is not the type of thing I normally read but I love Sanderson’s writing so much I keep giving them a try. And so far they have all been great reads. It is a good read even if it is a genre I normally do not read. I continue to look forward to reading other works published by Cedar Sanderson as Lilania Begley written under this pen name.  

The description of this volume states:

“The big day is looming on the horizon. After everything Dev and Irina have been through, this should be the happiest day of their lives so far. Can they overcome the clouds of the past together? Is there hope for a happy ending in their farmhouse with found family around them?"

We are informed about the author in a different volume that:

“Lilania Begley is the open penname of Cedar Sanderson. The author has a long-held love for all things Western, having grown up in Oregon, Alaska, and finally settling in Texas after a lifetime of moving from coast to coast. As she is also a romantic soul, writing Western Romances came naturally to her pen. Now that she's inspired anew by the wide-open landscapes of North Texas with the horses and longhorns wandering the range, you can expect to see more from Lilania!”

We are also given a little more information about Tako Tuseday:

“For most of 2024 I’m working on a challenge with friend and fellow author CV Walter. Three Tuesdays a month, we will be writing a story. Some weeks, it’s short, short enough to fit on a postcard at a mere fifty words. Other weeks, it’s long enough to be published, as this one was. The goal is to exercise our skills, in writing, in cover design, in self-discipline to get it done on time.

We are egged on in this fun by another friend and author, Dorothy Grant, who suggested that as Tuesday was the best day of the week for us, it should be, waggles eyebrows, Taco Tuesday. I’m not sure whose idea the tentacles were in the first place, but here we are. Writing for the Tentacle Taco Tuesday romance story challenge. Did you know that octopus, in Japanese, is tako? Well, now you do, and I do, as a reader (several of ‘em in fact) informed me when I was talking about what we’re doing.

What am I doing? Well, I’m having fun. I’ve been wanting to revisit the people of Farmhand and Bluehills for almost a decade. Better late than never to write a happy-ever-after, right? I do hope you enjoy this tale of two souls coming together as one. I know I loved writing it. We’ll be back next week, with more tako and tales of passion for you!”

In the first Bluehills story we had  a man and a woman, both dealing with their own issues. Both have been wounded, and both are struggling after leaving or in the process of leaving the military. Dev’s father, Gray, hires Irina and brings her back to the farm. Dev is resistant from the beginning. But Irina has skills on the horses, with the cattle, and just in general around the farm. Dev’s leg injury and lack of physio has him limited and not working at a level he wants, nor that the fam needs. Irina is dealing with a different trauma. And slowly we learn more about what brought her to the farm. The first one had a lot of action with brush fires, an arsonist, and assisting the police. This story was very different.

This is a powerful short story. It is the events leading up to the wedding with old friends, new friends. And still working to overcome the past. It is moving and thought provoking. It was a great read. 

We are informed that the first Bluehills story was written almost a decade ago we are informed. And this one is a great continuation. And I hope the next instalment has some more action. 

This is a great short story. I have said it before and say it again, writing short stories is a very different skill and craft than writing novels. From what I have read by Sanderson she is a master of both. I have greatly enjoyed everything from Sanderson’s pen that I have read and look forward to reading more offering by her under the name of Lilania Begley. Another moving short story that I can easily recommend! Pick this or other stories by Sanderson or Sanderson as Begley I am certain you will be entertained.

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