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Gun Magus - N.R. LaPoint

Gun Magus
Mistcreek Publishing
ISBN 9798839803022
ISBN 9798201481506

Gun Magus - NR LaPoint - Reprint Cover

This is the fourth novel and fifth story I have read by LaPoint. With each I am more impressed with his style, skills, and range. I had not read the description before picking this up. I picked up all his available books wile in the middle of reading the second one I read. This one has gone through a cover change. I do like the new cover, but feel it is missing the rabbit.

The description of this volume is:

“Low on luck, but not ammo

The last thing Kenneth Jericho needed was
a gunfight and car chase
with human traffickers.
What started as a bad morning only got worse.

A flash of light sends Ken to a strange world
filled with magic, hideous monsters,
beautiful women,
and seemingly unlimited ammo.

With pistol in hand, Ken is thrown into
a race against time
to stop a local ganglord's reign of terror.
But is the thug the brains behind the violence,
or is someone - or something - else
pulling his strings?”

This story reminds me a lot of Arthur Slade’s Death by Airship. But it also has the bit of a feel of playing a great D&D Adventure. I stated of another of his works that it had the feel of a mash up of Madeleine L’Engle’s Kairos stories, with Frank Peretti’s novels, with a dash of Declan Finn smattered in. It was even more so in this story. The mash up works so well. This work is different the other three novels I have read from LaPoint’s pen. The concept was unique  and the execution is masterful. 

The characters are wonderfully written. We have a great cast of characters, a great plot that moves at a quick pace. The story is at times intense and at other times laughs out loud funny. The adventure takes place over just a few days. We begin with a rescue and shootout on our world. And end up in a fantasy realm. There is actions, battles, pirates, wizards and some dark scary parts, including a dark force controlling a ruler. There is also humour, fun and friendship, and maybe a budding romance. The pirate ship attacking a floating sentient fortress was impressive. 

This was another great read from LaPoint’s pen. I am excited to share it with my brother and wife and hope they love it as well. An excellent read!

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews 2024 Catholic Reading Plan!

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Gun Magus - NR LaPoint - Original Cover

Gun Magus - NR LaPoint - Reprint Cover

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