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Chalk - N.R. LaPoint - Raven Mistcreek Book 1

Raven Mistcreek Book 1
Mistcreek Publishing
ISBN 9798663946612
ISBN  9798398825312

Raven Mistcreek 01 Chalk  - NR LaPoint

This is the third novel and fourth story I have read by LaPoint. With each I am more impressed with his style, skills, and range. I had not read the description before picking this up. I picked up all his available books wile in the middle of reading the last one I read. 

The description of this volume is:

“Catholic schoolgirl Raven Mistcreek has no memory. Her family is missing, her home is gone, and she is being hunted by monsters. Why do demonic forces want her dead? Is her family still alive? And why do her chalk drawings become real? Across the Qualitative Continuum, levels of reality are sinking lower. A colossal terror lies sleeping. Waiting.”

It is rare for me to highlight in a novel but I did two passages in this work. They are:

““There isn’t much else t'tell,” he said. “The world is more complicated than my intellect can convey. I guess you could put it this way: You ever feel like you’ve forgotten something but there really wasn’t anything t'forget?”


“I had imagined the golem as obstinate and inhumanly strong. Some of my own personality must have sunk in. I guess it's hard for an artist to not put bits of themselves into their work. August lashed out when he got annoyed. I could reign myself in most of the time. August did not.”

The story reads like a mash up of Madeleine L’Engle’s Kairos stories, with Frank Peretti’s novels, with a dash of Declan Finn smattered in. And it works perfectly. This wok is very different than either of the other novels I have read from LaPoint’s pen. I love the concept, and the execution is perfect. 

The characters are wonderfully written. Our heroine Raven Mistcreek is a force to be reckoned with. She may be a Catholic school girl, but she has deep faith, and trusts in God’s leadings. She can also draw things with chalk and then pull out the object and use it. 

Kasumi is a kimono wearing fox girl who can shape shift to human but prefers the fox girl shape with it's three tails. She also wields a sentient katana, but we do not find out much about it in this volume. 

Damian, a knight a warrior and a man of faith, also Raven's older brother.

Percival, seems like a bit of a ronin, but one with great faith, skills, and an interest in Raven, also close friends to Damian. 

Lord Spencer Blackwood a magician who resembles a floating cuttlefish ... will leave the rest for you to figure out.

Hellhounds, The 4 horsemen of the apocalypse and various other monsters, creatures and baddies.

To say nothing of warhorses or battle unicorns. And a Golem that someone is specifically proud and fond of.

The story moves at a quick pace. The whole adventure takes place over just a few days. But it travels through realms up and down the continuum. There is actions, battles, and some dark scary parts. There is also humour, fun and friendship. I can’t quite describe it as a buddle book, but it is close. 

This was a wonderful read. I am excited to share it with my youngest two children and hope my niece and her brothers love it as well. Before I had even finished it I sent a copy to my niece as a birthday present and she is very excited about the book and series. I cannot wait to dig into the next volume. A great book in what is shaping up to be an epic series!
Note: This book is part of a series of reviews 2024 Catholic Reading Plan!

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Raven Mistcreek 01 Chalk  - NR LaPoint

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