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Saints Alive! Volume 1 & 2 - Andrew M. Seddon - News Stories of Old Saints

Saints Alive! Volume 1 & 2
News Stories of Old Saints
Far Wanderings
ISBN 9798852081582

Saints Alive! Volume 1 and 2 - Andrew M. Seddon News Stories of Old Saints

I was so glad to see the two volumes back in print in a revised or second edition. This is a special Omnibus edition containing both volumes and a bonus story. I have recommended the two volumes in this series many times over the years. I absolutely love the books, and still hope that someday Seddon might expand the series. When I found out they were back in print I picked up the eBook of both the volumes and this new edition that has both in a single edition. I can easily recommend this book or the two individual volumes!

In the forward to this reprint edition Seddon states:

“All of Andrew Seddon's “new stories about old saints” in a single volume. Makes a great gift!

Saints of the early Church come alive in these imaginative tales based on legends of early Christian saints. These stories highlight the extraordinary character of Christians who behaved in a Christlike manner when their faith was tested and challenged by an unbelieving world.

In addition to the twenty-four stories from Andrew Seddon's two Saints Alive! collections, Saints of Empire and Celtic Paths, this combined edition includes one BONUS story, “St. Aerdeyrn's Cross.”

Here's what readers have to say about the stories of Saints Alive!

“I thought it was going to be another Lives of the Saints book, but it's like reading a modern day novel—though the heroes are saints. A good read!” —Praise for Celtic Paths

“I bought this book for my niece for Christmas and she devoured it! perfect gift for young people.”—Amazon reader on Saints of Empire

“Dr. Seddon takes the old stories and makes them new and applicable to today's culture. Very compelling and interesting reading. Who would think the lives of the saints were so interesting?”—C. L. on

“These are well-crafted stories, each one a polished jewel, faith-filled, imparting a quiet wisdom, and often laced with gentle humor.”—A Celtic Paths reader
“Seddon manages to shed light on obscure saints by narrating a key moment in their lives that illuminates the distinctive holiness of each. These are enjoyable short stories as well as instructive examples.”—L. N. on Saints of Empire.”

As iconography is to images so hierography is to stories of the saints. Seddon has a mystical way with words; he brings you into the stories of the saints and paints such a powerful picture with his words that you find yourself there. This book was an incredible read that I know I will read again often and share with friends and family. 

For Volume 1 we visit Saints of Empire, wonderful little volume with take you many places and give 12 examples of faith. The stories are written around legends of saints from the time of Rome.

1. Wheat of Lions - St. Ignatius of Antioch - Rome, c.107
2. Ariadne's Angels - St. Ariadne - Phrygia, c.117-161
3. The Informer - St. Cecilia - Rome, c. 177-250
4. The Governor's Eyes - St. Sabinus - Etruria, c.303
5. A Vision of Theodota - St. Anastasia - Illyricum, c.304
6. The Sword of Dioscorus - St. Barbara - Heliopolis in Syria, c. 304
7. Relics - St. Boniface of Tarsus - Rome, c. 306
8. The Fortieth Martyr - The Forty Martyrs of Sebastea - Armenia, 320
9. The Lure of Terenuthis - St. John the Dwarf - Egypt, c.390
10. The End of the Games - St. Telemachus - Rome, c. 404
11. Bishop Martin's Cloak - St. Martin of Tours - Gaul, c.407
12. The Penitent Pigeon - St. Pelagia & St. Nonnus - Antioch, Late 400s.
Notes & Sources

For Volume 2 we journey back to the 5th and 6th Century for stories of saints both famous and lesser known and maybe the stories will impact your life and your path. The chapters, the twelve stories in this volume are:

1 Sleeping Dragons - Sts Adamnan and Columba - c.690
2 The Sun on the Liffey - St. Brigid - c.500
3 Guardians - St. Senan - c.540
4 Autumn Wolves - St. Ailbe - c.500
5 Colman and the Disappearing Dinner - St. Colman - c.616
6 The Hermit King - St. Tewdrig - c.610
7 Ordeal of the Dog - St. Ruan - c.540
8 Gold of Mercury - St. Leonore - c.540
9 The Mice of Y Gaer - St. Cadoc - c.526
10 A Matter of Thrones - St. Monynna - 6th Century
11 Digits - St. Cainnech - mid 500's
12 Far Voyager - St. Brendan - early 500's
Notes & Sources

Bonus Story:

Saint Aerdeyrn’s Cross

This story was previously published in the collection: Tales from the Brackenwood Ghost Club, and fits well with the collection.

I love the stories in this collection. I have picked up a few copies to give away. The stories are masterfully written and will shine a new light on these examples of faith.

I have 4 measures for what I consider outstanding books. First do I want to share it with my children as they grow? Second will I read it again? Third do I wish for more books in the series? And finally I cannot stop talking about it. This book meets all three and I wish there was a way to give it more than 5 stars. I would love to see what Seddon would do with saints of other ages, Damien the Leper, Edith Stein, Pope John XXIII and more, if we are lucky maybe he will!

As mentioned I am very thankful these two volumes are back in print. I have been recommending them to readers for over a decade now. This third omnibus edition that contains volumes 1 and volume 2 as well as an additional bonus story is an excellent volume to pick up. I hope that bonus story is signs of things to come. These are excellent books and would be great additions for any home, school, or church library. I can easily recommend this volume and the two that its is compiled from: Saints of Empire, and Celtic Paths

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2024 Catholic Reading Plan!

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Saints of Empire Saints Alive! Volume 1 - Andrew M. Seddon News Stories of Old Saints  Second Edition

Celtic Paths Saints Alive! Volume 2 - Andrew M. Seddon News Stories of Old Saints  Second Edition

Saints Alive! Volume 1 and 2 - Andrew M. Seddon News Stories of Old Saints

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