Friday 11 September 2020

Prayer of the Day Prayer to Saint Agnes

Prayer to Saint Agnes 

St. Agnes, although you were only a child, you believed that Jesus was always with you; help us to remember that he is also with us, and to remain true to his presence. 

St. Agnes, you refused to give up your faith; help us to be proved of our faith, to love it, to be strong in it, and to give witness to it daily. 

St. Agnes, patron saint of children, watch over the children of the world; keep them safe from harm; be with them in their hour of need; and always pray for them. 

St. Pray for us. 

Note: Feast January 21st  

(The artwork is oil on canvas, in the backstairs at our parish.)

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Carolyn Barratt said...

I have always loved St. Agnes. She has always been my favourite Saint.