Monday 22 February 2021

Prayer of the Day a Prayer from Father Mike Schmitz

Prayer from Father Mike Schmitz

Jesus, you know me better than I know myself. 
You know my hurts, my fears, my doubts, my sins. 
Without you, Lord, I am not fine. 
But with you in my life, I don’t need to forget my past, 
ignore my present, or fear the future. 
With confidence in your great love for me, 
I run to you for help and healing. 
I need you today and always, Jesus. 
You alone can undo what has come undone in me.

This is a prayer taken from:

A World Undone: Finding God When Life Doesn't Make Sense
Fr. Mike Schmitz
ISBN 9781593255992
eISBN 9781593255626
ASIN B08RG844X8 

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