Monday 8 February 2021

Ask Him ... - Jane Trufant Harvey - Simple Words to Jumpstart Your Conversation with God

Ask Him: 
Simple Words to Jumpstart Your Conversation with God
Matthew Kelly (Introduction)
ISBN 9781635821574
eISBN 9781635821581

I picked this up after it was given a plug by Matthew Kelly. I have read and reviewed several books by Matthew Kelly over the last few years and benefited from them all. And I had high expectations based on his recommendation. In this new edition from Wellspring Matthew even writes the introduction. The beginning of that introduction states:

“I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU. The book you have in your hands will change your life. If you let it. How can I be so sure? It changed my life—and I have recommended it to so many other people who have also had their lives transformed by it.”

Matthew Kelly also says:

“Over the years, I have realized that there are no words for some situations. It wouldn’t matter if you were Shakespeare or Wordsworth, Shelley or Byron, there are simply no words to comfort a mother who has lost her child. This is just one of many situations that leave us speechless for a reason. They leave us speechless because these moments are not the right time or place for words. In these moments all we can do is be with each other or give grief its space. All we can do is honor the wishes of the one who is suffering and be with them or not (according to their need and preference).”

And later he indicates:

“One of the most difficult things in this life is to learn how to speak to God as a friend. There is genius in these pages, because with each page, Jane prompts us to have a conversation with God.”

I had high expectations even before I began reading the book. And once I read the introduction by Kelly those expectations were even higher. And the book absolutely loved up to those expectations. This volume contains 270 points. Some are a few words, and some are a few sentences. They all begin with Ask Him … and then the request. My first read through I highlighted 11 of them. And wrote them out in my journal. When I highlighted 2 of the 11 really stood out and were highlighted in a different color. As a sample from the volume here are the 11, I highlighted:

1. Ask Him... to surround you with His protection and peace.

4. Ask Him... to forgive you when your humanness overrides your faith.

8. Ask Him... to remind you that prayer will sustain you through the most difficult times in your life.

13. Ask Him... to bless you abundantly with the richness of good, Godly people who will challenge you to be the person He Created you to be.

58. Ask Him... to never let you forget: Life is not about competition, it is about striving to reach another level of achievement in being a better you.

70. Ask Him... to help you rejoice when you feel empty, since He can’t pour His spirit into something that is already full.

87. Ask Him... to help you remember that with every decision you make and every action you take, you’re being an example to someone else—good and bad.

101. Ask Him... for patience when your day starts out bad and ends up worse . . . and to remind you that He affectionately calls this “Character Building 101.”

118. Ask Him... for more teachable moments.

134. Ask Him... to remind you that it is not always your words—but the tone of them—that can wound the soul.

170. Ask Him... to pour out His protection and abundant blessings to the men and women who fight for your freedom.

This book can easily be read through in an afternoon. But like Matthew Kelly I feel this is a book I will be returning to again and again. The next time I read it a completely different set of points might be the ones that have an impact on me. It is a great little volume to spark your prayer, and even just help you reflect and think on like differently. 

It is an excellent book that anyone would benefit from reading. It is a great book that will spark anew your prayer life.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2021 Catholic Reading Plan

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