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The Holy Mass - Mike Aquilina - Sayings of the Fathers of the Church Volume 3

The Holy Mass
Mike Aquilina (Editor) 
ISBN 9780813233352
eISBN 9780813233369

I have long been a fan of Mike Aquilina’s works. I have read some of his other works on the church fathers. And I have others in my ‘to be read pile’. This is a book dedicated to what the Fathers say specifically about the mass. The description of the volume is:

“Sayings of the early Church fathers on all aspects of the Catholic Mass, drawn largely from the Catholic University of America's Fathers of the Church series.”

The contents of the volume are:

Foreword by Thomas G. Weinandy, OFM, Cap. 
List of Abbreviations 
1. The Sign of the Cross 
2. Penitence 20 3. Glory to God 
4. Readings from Scripture 
5. The Homily 
6. Prayers of Intercession 
7. The Offertory 
8. Holy, Holy, Holy 
9. The Eucharistic Prayer 
10. The Lord’ s Prayer 
11. The Sign of Peace 
12. Holy Communion 
13. Dismissal 

Mike states in the Acknowledgements:

“I am grateful to John B. Martino for inviting me to contribute to this prestigious series for a venerable publishing house. His mercy endures. 

With John’ s invitation came permission to quote freely from the CUA Press’ s Fathers of the Church series. I have cherished this series for decades. It’ s almost a quarter-century since my wife, Terri, bought me a partial set for my birthday — all the volumes that were then in print. We had no money at the time, so I have no idea how she did this. Needless to say, I love her with an abiding intensity that she often finds embarrassing. Nevertheless, I acknowledge her here.”

And in the introduction, he tells a story of an encounter with a Mennonite Grad School Librarian. The story begins with:

“She was recently retired after a long career at an evangelical seminary, and she loved her work. She had helped thousands of young candidates for the clergy to reach beyond themselves, their own inchoate thoughts, and the suppositions of their local church — and modernity. She had introduced them to the world of biblical scholarship and the vast writings of the seminary’ s particular heritage (Mennonite).”

This librarian was amazed that a scholar could dedicated their works to the first 300 years of Christianity. I am certain from my own studies at a university that had 4 church collages of different denominations and time at many universities across Canada that many in other denominations have at best a passing interest or engagement with the Church Fathers. I aloo know many Catholic who know them in passing at best. But I also know others who a big part of their conversion was due to interaction with the Church Fathers. 

And one of the top living scholars in the world in this field if Mike Aquilina. His editorial work in this volume is excellent. He takes on a journey through the order of the mass and uses the Church Fathers as our guide and foundation. 

I read this book over two days. But plan to go back and reread it at a slower pace. There are so many gems in this volume. And it makes so much sense. The Mass was passed down from Jesus to the Apostles and from the apostles to the early church. And in this book drawn from the early Church Fathers Mike shows us the history, tradition, and mystery of the mass. And through that we realize again the centrality of this to our faith. 

This is a fantastic book. A volume any Catholic would benefit from reading. A book I highly recommend for any home, school, or church Library.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2021 Catholic Reading Plan!

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