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Theology of the Body Crash Course and Manual - Fr. Mike Schmitz - Ascension Press

Theology of the Body Crash Course & Manual

Theology of the Body Crash Course and Manual - Fr. Mike Schmitz - Ascension Press

This is both a course and a manual for the course and it Is provided for free from Ascension Press. The course is 4 videos each just shy of an hour. I signed up after an offer from Ascension via email. It was amazing to spend a Friday evening and Saturday working through the videos and the workbook. The videos were recorded during a Duluth Newman Catholic Campus Ministry – Bulldog Catholic Retreat. In the introduction at the beginning of the first video Father Mike states that he gives this retreat frequently to students and that they decided to release it to a wider audience. I am very thankful they did. It is an excellent course. This Manual is based on the handouts students get if they attend the retreat in person. The sections in the booklet are:

A Theology of the Body “Crash Course”
God & Sex
Theology of the Body Basics
Theology of the Body Terms & References
Talk 1: “From the Beginning”
     The Most Fundamental Human Questions 
     What is Man?
     The Body as a “Theology”
     God’s Mystery and the Spousal Analogy
     Christ Points Us Back to the Beginning 
     Original Solitude
     Original Unity
     Original Nakedness
     Original Sin
     The Entrance of Shame
Talk 2: “Adultery in the Heart” 
     Adultery in the Heart
     Freedom from the Law and the “New Ethos” 
     The Redemption of the Body
     Grace and Effort
     Purity of Heart
     Masters of Suspicion
Talk 3: “Marks of God’s Love…
The Language of the Body”
     Overused & Undervalued
     The Four Loves:
     Ethos as an Inner Power of Eros 
     Marks of God’s Love
     The Four Marks of God’s Love
     What is Sexual Honesty? 
     Signs of a Mature Love
     The Joy and the Challenge
Talk 4: “What Does This Mean For My Life?
What Does This Mean For Your Life?”
     Sexual Honesty 
     The Marriage of Tobias and Sarah
      “My Sister, My Bride” 
     The Essence of Chastity 
     Your Marriage
     A Sacrament
     Responsible Parenthood – Natural Family Planning
     The Effects of Contraception 
     Same-Sex Attraction
     How to Change the Ethos?

I loved working through this course, even though I am likely more than twice the age of the normal student who would attend the retreat. As a man, as a husband, as a father there was so much great information in these talks and to work through in this Manual. I hope my kids will take the time and listen to these talks even though the youngest three are still in high school. 

Father Mike has a way with words. His videos and books are excellent resources for Catholics, for Christians and for seekers. This manual and course would be great for any Catholic any Christian. I am very thankful Father Mike, Bulldog Catholic and Ascension have made this resource available for anyone and for free. 

I can easily recommend this course and manual. They are great resources!

Theology of the Body Crash Course and Manual - Fr. Mike Schmitz - Ascension Press

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2024 Catholic Reading Plan

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