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Father Kino Priest to the Pimas - Ann Nolan Clark and H. Lawrence Hoffman - Vision Books #59

Father Kino Priest to the Pimas
H. Lawrence Hoffman (Illustrator)
Farrar, Straus & Company, Inc.

Father Kino Priest to the Pimas - Ann Nolan Clark and H. Lawrence Hoffman - Vision Books #59

St. Augustine Academy Press

Father Kino Priest to the Pimas - Ann Nolan Clark and H. Lawrence Hoffman - St. Augustine Academy Press Edition

St. Augustine's HEP

Father Kino Priest to the Pimas - Ann Nolan Clark and H. Lawrence Hoffman - St. Augustine's HEP Edition

This is one of the original 72 Vision Books for Young Readers. The originals were published between 1955 and 1969 by Farrar, Straus & Cudahy, Inc. Reprints of about half are available from Ignatius Press. This is not one of them. I wrote a piece about the series as a whole, Vision Books for Young Readers, after reading a few and wanting to know more about the series. This one had 2 editions currently in print but not from Ignatius. The description of the book states:

“Among the many brave Jesuit missionaries who explored the early American Southwest, one star shines Padre Eusebio Franciso Kino, a native of the Italian Tiröl. Though he dreamed of following St. Francis Xavier to China, obedience led him instead to Mexico, and his patience and kindness led him to be beloved by all. Here is his story, written by Ann Nolan Clark in 1963 for the Vision Series.”

A description of a different edition states:

“Father Kino, Italian priest from the Tyrol, had lived for the day when he would sail off to a foreign missionary assignment to China, he hoped. He was sent instead to Mexico where his great work was the mapping, exploration, and Christianization of the Pimeda Alta, that vast land in northern Mexico and southern Arizona. He became father and hero to the Pima nations, building 29 missions and baptizing 4,000 Native Americans. The people of Arizona have acknowledged their debt by choosing Father Kino to represent their state in the National Statuary Hall, Washington.”

About the author in a different vision book we are informed:

“Ann Nolan Clark is the author of Secret of the Andes (Newbery Medal, 1953), In My Mother’s House, World Song, Paco’s Miracle, and Medicine Man’s Daughter, among others. She lives in Santa Fe and for many years worked among the Indians of the Southwest as teacher, writer, and school supervisor. Her first Vision Book was Father Kino, Priest to the Pimas.”

I knew nothing about father Kino before beginning this volume. But I can easily state that this is an excellent volume. It gives a clear history of this man, his passion for the missions, and his determination against odds, and multiple failures. I can easily see why this volume is not currently in print. It goes against the current political narrative and political correctness. It is the story of a young man who studies across Europe, but whom felt a great need to follow God’s will and serve in the missions. And though his passion was for China, he followed orders and went first to Mexico, then stays in California, Arizona, and the regions thereabouts. He died just a few years before Saint Junípero Serra was born, who would ultimately see his passion for witnessing to the people of California to fruition. 

Father Kino was beloved by all he ministered to. He was a man of deep faith, but also a priest with a tireless work ethic. Father Eusebio Francisco Kino, SJ was a Jesuit missionary who had trained as geographer, cartographer, mathematician and astronomer. He was also a great explorer, often pushing further and further into unexplored territory. The canonization cause of Father Kino is underway with an indication on 11 July 2020, Pope Francis advanced the cause and declared him Venerable. There appears to be a movie about his life starring Richard Egan from 1976. 

This was a fascinating read. Once I started I could hardly put it down. It was amazing to read about this priest’s faith, his passion for ministry, his determination and his amazing work ethic. I can easily recommend this book, no matter which of the editions you track down.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2024 Catholic Reading Plan!   

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