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72 Crew Manual 1st Edition - Father Mark Goring CC

72 Crew Manual 1st Edition
Owen Brine (Illustrator)
ISBN 9788884785755

72 Crew Manual - Father Mark Goring CC

I love reading books by Father Mark Going, CC. I greatly enjoy his many videos. And I believe his Saint Mark’s School of Reading is life changing. This is one of a few volumes that he has released that are a little different.

The description of the book is:

“Here are 72 STATEMENTS that describe THE 72 CREW.”

In the forward Father Mark states:

“Note on the 1st Edition. The primary purpose of this 1st Edition is to launch The 72 Crew in the Ottawa area."

The book follows with the 72 Statements that describe the 72 Crew. Some samples are:

2. It’s a brotherhood united by a common commitment to spend 3 days alone in the wilderness ever year.

3. It’s a challenge to disconnect completely from all technology for 72 hours.

24. It’s an opportunity to start over again.

54 It’s not meant to be easy.

There are several statements along the lines of:

It’s 3 day of …
It’s an opportunity 
It’s a time …
It’s affirming …
It’s hearing …

The sections after the 72 points are:

3 Steps to Become Part of the Crew
Crew Meetings
Models of Inspiration
A Notes page

The last paragraph of the volume states:

“My dream is to have 72 young men in the Ottawa area who embrace this vision. In the future, I would love to buy a property in the wilderness and build a magnificent tree house that could be used for retreats by CREW members.”

The final line is a challenge:

“Are you in?!?”

The list of 14 Models starts with Jesus, includes Old Testament and New Testament characters, and saints down through the ages.

This book outlines what looks like an amazing program. Sort of a Wild at Heart course for Catholic Men ages 18-35. Father Mark is starting in Ottawa, and I will be praying for this initiative. While reading this it took me back to when I was in the younger end of that age range; I was a Scouter for many years, a cub and Venturer advisor in Kingston area. I have done a 7 days winter camping with no tents and limited food, so the Venturer’s could obtain a badge. We used ‘lean to’ and quinzhee. It also brought to mind my 16 year old son. He saw the book on my desk and asked about it. I hope that by the time he is 18, or at least before he is 35 there are options for those outside the Ottawa area. 

The instructions or 72 points are clear, concise and well thought out. Heck even just reading through the list has inspired me to start making little changes. Maybe even using Father Mark’s Sparkly Star Notebook to start tracking them. 

I know this program will be life changing for those who form crews and live these principals and goals. And For those of us outside the Ottawa Valley, I believe the book can inspire, encourage and challenge. 

This looks like an excellent tool. And another incredible offering from the pen of Father Mark.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2024 Catholic Reading Plan!

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