Monday 2 May 2022

You're not a Chicken - Father Mark Goring

You're not a Chicken
Tellwell Talent
ISBN 9780228866756
ISBN 9780228866732
ISBN 9780228866749

I have now read three volumes from the pen of Father Mark Goring CC. This is the first written for children and the first picture book. I read the eBook version as soon as I picked it up, and my youngest daughter read it to me later the same day. We liked it so much we ordered one to donate to the school library. This book is very different than the others I have read from Father Goring, but the message is similar to them, and to some of his many videos I have watched. There is no indication on or in the books, so, I am uncertain if the book is illustrated by father as well as written, or if they are from a staff artist.

The artwork is wonderful, strong bright palate, very realistic colours. The illustrations are perfect for the story. My daughter loved them. But the story is even better. The description of the book is:

“An eagle egg falls into a chicken nest. A little eagle is born into a world of chickens. He thinks he's a chicken and learns the ways of the chicken. Deep down he knows he was made to be free and to fly.”

In my early 50’s I appreciated the story immediately. My daughter asked some questions and once I explained my interpretation of the book she thought it was excellent and asked to get a copy to donate to the school library. This is a story about finding out who we really are, and becoming what God intended us to be. Not necessarily what circumstances or others try and place on us. The reminder of this message was perfect for me, and some stuff going on currently. 

I love that there are hardcover, softcover and eBook editions of this book. We read it on Kindle for PC and iOS. The formatting was perfect on the eBook. We look forward to comparing it to the physical version on the way. 

This is an excellent volume for young people in your life. It is a great picture book for school, church, or home libraries. Or to pick up several copies and give away, especially at Easter. 

An excellent story with wonderful illustrations a volume we give top marks! 

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2022 Catholic Reading Plan

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