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The Way of the Cross in the Words of St Paul - Father Clement Parsons and Donal Anthony Foley - CTS Devotions

The Way of the Cross in the Words of St Paul
Father Clement Parsons
ISBN 9781860825095
ISBN 1860825095
CTS Booklet D695
2008 Revised Edition

Each year I pick up a couple of new versions of The Way of the Cross or the Stations of the Cross. This year I tracked down a few older out of print editions from the Catholic Truth Society. This one was originally published in 1938, and it was updated in the year of Saint Paul, 2008, by Donal Anthony Foley. I absolutely love the books and booklets from the Catholic Truth Society, and this is the eleventh Stations from the CTS I am used. Over the last five years I have read over 275 offerings from the CTS and have nearly that many remaining on my wish list. This specific book is out of print, and there is no digital edition available, but it was well worth tracking down. 

The description of this volume is:

“St Paul explores many themes in his letters but the most prayerfully, meditative, and inspiring passages are those dealing with the cross of Christ. These stations of the cross, specifically re-issued for the Year of St Paul are a wonderful way to pray and say with St Paul “I have been crucified with Christ, and I live now not with my own life but with the life of Christ who lives in Me.” (Galatians 2:19)”

This was an excellent version to pray. The older language and phrasing caused me to slow down and pay closer attention. It is a much briefer format most days than many of the modern ones. 

Each station follows the following format:

Station Number
Name of Station
Opening Prayer
Scriptural Reading
Pause and Meditation
Prayer with leader and response

There is a two page introduction, a forward and a page in conclusion to these stations. I highlighted a few passages in the notes at the beginning and end of the book, some of them are:

“In June 2007 the Vatican announced that on 28 June 2008, the eve of the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, Pope Benedict XVI will proclaim a year especially dedicated to St Paul, so as to mark the 2,000th anniversary of his birth.”

“As part of his Apostolate he wrote letters to many of the early Christian communities he either founded or was in touch with, and these make up a sizeable part of the New Testament. There are many themes in his writings, but one of the most important was his focus on the Cross of Christ, not least because he lived his identification with the crucified Christ to the utmost of his ability.”

“For St Paul, then the cross of Christ was not something to be ashamed of, but something that we should glory in: thus, following his teaching, the Way of the Cross as a commemoration of the Passion and death of Christ for many centuries.”

This is another excellent version of the stations. Each station is a two page spread. It was wonderful to pray through this way. I greatly enjoyed it and know it is one I will use often going forward. A great devotion from the Catholic Truth Society. It is wonderful for use during lent, or throughout the year. It is worth tracking down. I really recommend it.

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