Sunday 20 March 2022

Via Dolorosa with Pope Benedict XVI - Cardinal Camillo Ruini - CTS Devotions

Via Dolorosa with Pope Benedict XVI: 
Meditations and Prayers on the Way of the Cross
Pope Benedict XVI
Cardinal Camillo Ruini
ISBN 9781860827082
ISBN 186082708X
CTS Booklet D736

Each year I pick up a couple of new versions of The Way of the Cross or the Stations of the Cross. Between eBooks, physical books and audio editions I now have over 40 different versions. I have a few from Pope Benedict, and appreciate each of them. This one was new to me this year, even though it was published in 2011. It is one of a few older editions from the Catholic Truth Society by Pope Benedict that I am trying to track down. I have fallen in love with the books and booklets from the Catholic Truth Society. I have read over 250 in the last 5 years and have nearly that many on my wish list. This specific book is out of print, and there is no digital edition available. It took me a while to track it down, but it was well worth it. I tracked this one down last summer but waited until Lent this year to pray it. I regret that decision now. Each year I pick a few versions to pray during Lent. I attempt or plan to pray a Stations each day during Lent, and on Fridays throughout the rest of the year. This one will become a mainstay.

The description of this volume is:

“These meditations by Cardinal Camillo Ruini, former Vicar General of Rome, were composed in Lent 2010 for the annual; ‘Way of Cross’ led by the Holy Father at the Colosseum. Well known Gospel Passages, prayers and beautiful Illustrations are powerfully drawn together in these probing meditations on suffering, the cross, the place of evil and sin in our world and on the overpowering love of God’s suffering Servant ‘who died so that we may live’. Ideal for private use or by smaller and larger groups.”

I agree this is an excellent edition for both personal and corporate use. If it was still in print I would pick up a set for my parish. We have a few different sets that father uses on Friday’s through Lent. This volume has no real preface or conclusion. There is a chapter called Introduction but it begins with an opening Hymn and then a meditation, and opening prayer. 

This is a wonderful stations. Each station has a full page artwork and each stations is 4 pages in the volume. I really enjoy this version of The Way of The Cross, it is one I will use frequently going forward. It is another excellent devotion from the Catholic Truth Society. It is great for use during lent, or throughout the year. It is well worth tracking down. I highly recommend this version.

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