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Journey to Castle Raven - Donal Anthony Foley - The Glaston Chronicles Book 2 Reprint Edition

Journey to Castle Raven
ISBN 9781733258180
Originally published as:
The Dark Tower
Donal Anthony Foley 
Theotokos Books
ISBN 9780957496934

I have read a few of Donal Anthony Foley’s nonfiction works and have loved them all. Both books he has written and books he has edited. This was the second of his fictional works I have read, and I was blown away again. This is an awesome story, in a classic style and genre. As soon as I finished reading the first volume I picked up this book and bumped it towards the top of my reading list. I also reached out to the author about the announced book three. If you enjoy historical fiction with a twist, and an epic battle between good and evil. This is one for you. If you just love a very well written story, give this series a try. It is masterfully written. The beginning of the description of this book states:

“The Glaston Chronicles continue with this, the second in the series of books involving Matt Bergin and his cousins, Luke and Annie Martin. Safe back from their time-traveling exploits in Second World War France, the cousins find themselves drawn into a new adventure in the twenty-first century, but one involving their old adversary, Emil Schwarzen, who is now an aged and extremely wealthy entrepreneur styling himself as Lord Edgar Blackly.”

From the beginning this story is packed with action, danger, risk, and growing deeper in your faith. I would say this book, and series, is written with the teen or young adult audience in mind. But also state that because of how compelling the writing is readers of any age will fall in love with the characters, and be captivated by the stories. This is one of those series that friends and family will get tired of hearing about. They are stories I will be talking about for months and recommending for years to come. 

It is an excellent story, it continues after travels in the time and space. We meet more of the family. And find out some of what happened to those left behind in France in the first book. Their old adversary, Emil Schwarzen, now known as Lord Edgar Blackly, has amassed wealth, titles, and properties around the world. And spent the last 70 years trying to replicate what he experienced with this group. But he has turned to dark arts, dark magic, the occult, and esoteric knowledge to try and find a way to travel in time and to become immortal. He has spoiled his grandson. And together they try and manipulate and control Matt and his cousins. But with the help of their aunt, Father Richard Peters, and a surprising ally they meet along the way. 

But this volume must come with a warning that the first book did not. There is a lot of information about the occult and magic in this book. I would be far more selective about who I would recommend this book to. There are many younger readers who I would have suggested book 1 to that I would not think ready or mature enough to read this book with discernment. The occult is clearly presented. Both how it hoodwinks practitioners and how it is a very slippery slope. But it counters that with the power of faith, the cross and the name of Jesus. 

It is another wonderful adventure story about friendship, family and faith. But be warned it will leave you desperate for the next volume, which has just been released yet.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2023 Catholic Reading Plan

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