Wednesday 13 September 2023

The Master Plan - Leslea Wahl - All For 1 Episode 4

The Master Plan
All For 1 Episode 4   
Leslea Wahl
Ministry Thru Mystery
ISBN 9781732903753

This is the all new fourth volume in Leslea Wahl’s All for One Series. I picked it up as soon as I heard about it and gave it a read right away. I love the characters in this series and in Wahl’s works in general. Reading this story was like sitting down with old friends and catching up on what is new with them. It is a great story in a wonderful series. And these shorter ‘All for 1’ stories tie into her main series.

That story combines the main characters from the novels The Perfect Blindside and An Unexpected Role (now renamed Into the Spotlight). This story is strong enough to be read on its own. But it is even better when you have read the other stories it ties to. It can work great as an introduction to the characters from the other stories, and now as part of the story arc of the ‘All for One' books, or if you have already read the other novels. The description of this volume is:

“A relaxing spring break with friends doesn’t quite turn out as expected when their uncertain futures and a new mystery thwart their ideal vacation. Will dwelling on their worries keep them from seeing God’s perfect plan for their lives?

Leslea Wahl’s all for One Series is a collection of short stories featuring characters from her award-winning YA novels, The Perfect Blindside and Into the Spotlight (formerly An Unexpected Role) .

Silver-medal-winning snowboarder Jake’s famous face makes it hard to go anywhere unnoticed. Sophie, his devoted girlfriend, is an aspiring journalist whose camera is never far from her side. Sophie’s cousin Ryan, a high school baseball star, enjoys an ongoing prank war with his cousin. While Ryan’s girlfriend Josie adds excitement to all situations with her uncanny flair for the dramatic.

When these four teens get together, humor, adventure, and mystery are sure to follow.”

About the author we are informed:

“Leslea Wahl is an award-winning author of Christian Young Adult Novels. She enjoys writing about places she has visited causing some to classify her teen novels as Christian Teen Vacation Fiction. Although, she would be more apt to describe the books as Christian and Catholic Teen Fiction with storylines brimming with Mystery, Adventure and Romance for teens.”

Walh’s stories might be written and marketed to teens, but my children have loved them, including tweens. And I myself in my 50’s enjoy them greatly. The greatest strength of these stories is the characters. Wahl really brings the characters to life, the friendships, the family interactions, and even the constant competitions between Ryan and Jake. The mysteries are fun to read and try and figure out along the way. The stories overall are just good clean fiction and good clean fun.  

It was great to read this story. It was hard to put down and we are left wanting more adventures with the young adults and their families. It is clean Christian fiction. It is great Catholic Literature. A wonderful story. It is another excellent read from Leslea Wahl’s masterful pen!

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2023 Catholic Reading Plan

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