Tuesday 25 May 2021

The Secret of Glaston Tor - Donal Anthony Foley - The Glaston Chronicles Book 1

The Secret of Glaston Tor 
Donal Anthony Foley 
Theotokos Books
ISBN 9780957496910
Now available as:
The Glaston Secret
ISBN 9781733258166

I have read a few of Donal Anthony Foley’s nonfiction works and have loved them all. Both books he has written and books he has edited. This was the first of his fictional works I have read, and I was blown away. What an awesome story, in a classic style and genre. As soon as I finished reading this volume I picked ub book 2, and reached out to the author about the announced book three. If you have read and enjoyed books like Narnia, The Chime Travelers, and the lesser know Mr. Baker’s Book Series will love this book. But geared for older readers than the last two. If you appreciate historical fiction with a twist. This is one for you. If you just love a very well written story, give this one a try. It was masterfully executed. The beginning of the description of this book states:

“Fifteen year old Matt Bergin is staying in Glastonbury for Christmas with his cousins, Luke and Annie Martin. Matt feels drawn to Glastonbury Tor, and St Michael's Tower, which crowns its summit. The cousins learn the secret of Glaston Tor and find themselves propelled back in time to 1940s France and the Second World War.

They are given a mission by an enigmatic stranger, who asks them to help a young German couple and their son escape from wartime France. But the fearsome Gestapo are on their trail.”

And it is a story packed with action, danger, risk, and figuring out your faith. I would say this book is written with the teen or young adult audience in mind. And yet also state that because of how compelling the writing is readers of any age will fall in love with the characters, and be captivated by the story. This is one of those books that friends and family will get tired of hearing about. It is a story I will be talking about for months and recommending for years to come. 

Foley has written an excellent story in the time and space travel genre.  In it we follow 3 youth being transported back to France during WWII from the Tor in Glaston. After making a wish on a very special crèche. That Nativity set has a history and they step back in time to encounter others with a link to it. It is a wonderful adventure story about friendship, family and faith. But be warned it will leave you desperate for the next volume. 

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2021 Catholic Reading Plan

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I sure wish Donal Foley would write or finish writing the third book in the Glaston Series.