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The Seal of Aeolus - Manuel Alfonseca - Chronicles of the Aeolian Family Book 01

The Seal of Aeolus
Chronicles of the Aeolian Family Book 01
Manuel Alfonseca
ISBN 9798616687609

A few years ago I read several books in translation by Manuel Alfonseca. Most I believe translated by the author himself. This is the 9th volume from his pen that I have read. I believe this book was originally published in Spanish in 2002. There have been several Spanish editions over the years, and it was published in English in 2020. I picked this up to read because it was the Catholic Book Club on Good Reads book for this month. Once I started reading it I could hardly put it down. But that should not have surprised me, I have been impressed by everything I have read from Alfonseca’s pen. Several times while reading this volume I thought of Sword and Serpent by Taylor R. Marshall and also the writings of Jack Whyte. And I believe this book is just as good as the writings from those two authors. 

This book is masterfully written and incredibly well researched. And I implore you when you read the book stick it through and read the Authors Note at the end of the text. I picked up the next two volumes in this series as soon as I finished the first. And it took all my self restraint not to start the second for a few days until I was able to write this review. The description of the volume is:

“During the war of the Roman Empire against the Parthian Empire, in the time of emperor Marcus Aurelius, the young Flavius obtains a position in the legions as a standard bearer. His father wishes to separate him from Christianity, the religion he has converted to. The boy must face many dangers, travel to far away countries and work as a spy of the Roman Empire. After finding true love, he must deal with a complex moral issue that will be solved providentially, in a way he would never have foreseen.”

A story sent in ancient Roman times. Following a solder as he embarks on his military career. He is a Christian and not ashamed of it. War, battles, a theft, love., and more. This story has a bit of it all. 

Alfonseca is the author of over 50 books, 24 of which I believe are available in English. He writes across genres and styles with great ease. His books are always entertaining. And yet they cause a reader to think. In this story and many of his others a great strength is the characters. His characters are masterfully written. And his scene work and setting really draw readers in and keep them hooked. 

A fantastic historical fiction novel of a top quality. And excellent read that I highly recommend! But be warned you will likely need to buy the whole trilogy.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2021 Catholic Reading Plan!

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