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The Journey of Tivo the Dauntless - Manuel Alfonseca - Chronicles of the Magic Jigsaw Puzzle Book 1

The Journey of Tivo the Dauntless
Chronicles of the Magic Jigsaw Puzzle Book 1
Manuel Alfonseca
ISBN 9781542692465

This was the 21st volume I have read from the pen of Manuel. Or I should say 21st reading as I have read some of them more than once. It is a great story and looks like the beginning of a fun series. It seems that with each new volume I read I have a greater appreciation for his skill and talent as an author. I first encountered his works based on the recommendation of a friend back in 2017. Once I started reading this book I could hardly put it down.

There are two online descriptions for this volume they are:

“In the far country of Tiva, king Tivo discovers that finding one of the lost pieces of the magic jigsaw puzzle is the only way to save his bethroted Aquamarine. This book describes the adventures and difficulties he had to fight to succeed in his dangerous undertaking.”


“In the far country of Tiva, king Tivo learns that the only way to cure his betrothed, Aquamarine, will be by means of one of the lost pieces of the magic jigsaw puzzle. This book, which was selected for the final phase of the Lazarillo Award, describes the adventures and difficulties he had to fight in his dangerous quest.”

About the author we are informed that:

“Manuel Alfonseca has published more than 50 books, including 32 novels in different genres: historical, fantasy, science fiction, mystery and adventure. In 1988 he won the Lazarillo Award, and in 2012 he won the fourth edition of the La Brújula de Valores Award. With this book he was a finalist for the 1990 C.C.E.I. Award.”

The chapters in this work are:

1. The Illness Of The Princess 
2. Elavel 
3. The Great Forest 
4. The Lost Valley 
5. Kial 
6. The Desert 
7. The Cavern In The Mountain 
8. The Nomads Of The Steppe 
9. The Huntress 
10. The Way To Klír 
11. Duva’s Ball 
12. The Sacrifice 
13. The Chasm

I have had these books for a little while now but had not got around to reading them. They have been in the running to be the GoodReads Catholic Book Club book for the month. But I couldn’t wait any longer and give this first story a read. It is a classic adventure quest story. It can be read to younger children, and enjoyed but older adults like myself. 

The characters are well written. It has an interesting plot. It deals with some serious issues like fatal illnesses and death and also friendship, family and love. A very interesting aspect is the character of Kyle and how he helps. In some ways he is like a winged or angelic version of Aslan. 

It was a great read and set up the series well. I look forward to reading the other 4 volumes. I will note I prefer the original cover with the green trim, but that is personal taste. I great book in the epic adventure quest style. It is a great book to read to middle grade readers and excellent for tweens and teens. I can easily recommend this book! 

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2023 Catholic Reading Plan!

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