Wednesday 15 November 2023

The Night My Father Shot The Werewolf - Josh Griffing

The Night My Father Shot The Werewolf

The Night My Father Shot The Werewolf - Josh Griffing

This is the third volume I have read from the pen of Griffing. This volume contains A story that has previously been published in the Planetary Anthropology Luna from Tuscany Bay Books. I have that volume and the other 10 in the series but have not read most of them yet. This story was mentioned during the Tuscany Bay Open House on Facebook, and I picked it and another short by Griffing during the live session. The description of the story states:

“The boys in Mrs. Carroll's third-grade class learned a lot last year, about things like cursive, and multiplying, and werewolves.”

This is an intriguing story written from the first person perspective of a young boy. The story opens with these words:

“The second-most important thing Dad taught me was that my mother was the most special, and precious, and Very Important beautiful lady in the whole wide world, and I was never to forget that. The first-most important thing was that Jesus loved me more than Dad and Momma did, and they loved me a whole lot. But next to Jesus Loves Me, the most important thing was Dad loved Momma. Sometimes they fought a lot, loudly and vigorously, but if I took sides, I was in big trouble. One time I came in from school and caught them yelling in the living-room. Momma said something mean to Dad, and he shouted back, in long, sharp-sounding words. I joined in and shouted their echo back. Out of nowhere my father's hand snapped out across my mouth.”

But the story went in a very different direction than I expected, even days later as I write this review I find myself thinking about this story. The story focuses around family dynamics and rumours of a werewolf in the neighbourhood. I was very surprised by the twists in the story.  

This was a great read. Short form fiction is a very different art form from writing novels. The skills needed are different. From what I have read from Josh he is a master of short fiction. I look forward to rereading this volume as I get around to reading the Anthology it was originally in. I would also have no concerns picking up the next offering from Griffing’s pen. This was another excellent read. I really enjoyed this story. I can easily recommend this volume!

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The Night My Father Shot The Werewolf - Josh Griffing

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