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God Save The King - Josh Griffing

God Save The King

God Save The King - Josh Griffing

This is the fourth volume I have read from the pen of Griffing. This volume contains A story that has previously been published in the Planetary Anthropology Sol from Tuscany Bay Books. I have that volume and the other 10 in the series but have not read most of them yet. This story was one of two mentioned during the Tuscany Bay Open House on Facebook, and I picked it and another short by Griffing during the live session. The description of the story states:

“If ever you deal with the Fair Folk, mortal, these laws you must remember at your peril. Never give the Fae your word: it is your bond. Never give the Fae your name: it will be your binding. Never step over a Faërie Ring; neither eat nor drink of Faërie fare.

And whatsoever else you do, never under any conditions become intrigued in Faërie politics!

But King Oberon is missing, and James A. Dalworthy, of the Feliciana County Sheriff's Office, has been called upon to rescue him.”

I had no idea what this story was about when I picked it up. But having read a few others by Griffing I knew I was in for an entertaining story, and I was correct. This was a great little read. I enjoyed it immensely. I had not read the description prior to reading the story. I just rolled with it as it came; which is much like the main character James A. Dalworthy. On the day he is made redundant at work on his walk home from the Sheriff’s office he encounters a knight in full armour. After taking the night for tea he is translated into the world of the Fae, and as he is told all is not as it appears. He must learn not to trust his eyes, his ears, and especially what he is told.

This was an excellent read. Short form fiction is a very different art form from writing novels. The skills needed are different. From what I have read from Josh he is a master of short fiction. I look forward to rereading this volume again as I get around to reading the Anthology it was originally in. I would also have no concerns picking up the next offering from Griffing’s pen. This was a great read. I enjoyed this story tremendously. I would love to see other stories featuring James A. Dalworthy or the world of Fae as presented in this volume. I can easily recommend this volume!

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God Save The King - Josh Griffing

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