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The Misplaced Mystery Writer - Richard Paolinelli - Sherlock Holmes Pastiches Book 3

The Misplaced Mystery Writer
Sherlock Holmes Pastiches Book 3

This is the 21st different story I have read from the masterful pen of Paolinelli this year. And four of them I have already read twice. I have now read all 6 Sherlock Holmes Pastiches from the pen of Richard Paolinelli. When I first picked this volume, it was part of a collection called Dreams of the Storyteller, but since then the 6 stories about Holmes have been split off into their own collection. I can recommend everything I have read from Paolinelli’s pen are well worth the read! I love the six stories in this collection. I freely admit I picture Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman and Holmes and Watson, when reading these stories. 

My introduction to Richard’s works was a piece in the anthology Cracked. I have picked up several anthologies he has contributed to but have only got around to reading 2 of them. Right now I am bouncing around this series and the Dreams of the Storyteller Series. I have also read the  novels, Galen’s Way, and Galen’s Blade and eagerly await the two forthcoming offerings in that series. I have also picked up several of his other novels after reading the first few stories in this series. 

After the few stories by Paolinelli I read I am now trying to read one a week until I have read his whole back catalogue. Several of his stories and novels are towards the top of my ‘to be read pile’. Richard is not only an author but the driving force behind Tuscany Bay Books, I have read many volumes from the Bay by a number of authors, and all have been well worth the read. 

The six volumes in this collection dropped in 2023. The first five I read had been previously published in anthologies. This one first appeared in Sherlock Holmes: Adventures In the Realms of H.G. Wells, Volume 2 edited by Derrick Belanger. Once I have completed Paolinelli’s standalone works I will work through all the anthologies he contributed to, and look forward to rereading this story again when I get back to it. Much like I did with Declan Finn last year with reading a story a week until I have read all he has published. Over the last several weeks one of Richard’s stories has been every fourth or 5th volume read.  

This is another wonderful story from the Paolinelli‘s pen. I said in a previous review that I have been aware of Richard and his works for a few years now. It is my loss that I did not dig into his works earlier. I strongly urge you don’t make my mistake, pick some up and give them a read! The description of this story is:

“H.G. Wells has built his time machine and taken American author Edgar Allan Poe on several trips through time. Unfortunately, he has become separated from Poe while hunting for Jack The Ripper in London.

Wells enlists the aid of Holmes and Watson to find Poe and return him to his correct time frame.”

It was fascinating to read this tale of a young Holmes and Watson interacting with the author and scientist H.G. Wells. The story has a very intriguing principle. Wells approaches Holmes because he has misplaced another author in both time and space. The question is can Holmes and Watson help find and put the man back when and when he belongs. It also raises questions about if the timeline the story ends in was the original or if the time hopping has altered things. A masterful short story in the time travel genre. 

Prior to reading the other Sherlock offering from Paolinelli it had been a long time since I have read a Sherlock Holmes story, and in this case a story by Wells as well. This one was another great little read. It is very well written story. Paolinelli’s stories fit in perfectly with the other stories I have read in both of official and unofficial Holmes canon. Paolinelli breathes new life into the characters and yet he remains true to their original creation. 

This is another excellent short story from Paolinelli’s pen. It draws the reader in quickly, it keeps your attention, and leaves you wanting more. Fortunately, Paolinelli has written 5 other Holmes stories. The characters are wonderfully written and fit extremely well in the history of the characters. Rumour has it there might be other Holmes stories from Paolinelli in the future, but while we wait I will reread the six that are available to date.

If you have not read anything by Paolinelli don’t make my mistake. Pick some up and give them a read now. There is a lot to choose from and I am sure you will be entertained. At the time of reading this I have read 447 books so far this year, and consider this one of the best stories. This story would be great for fans of the original Holmes stories, or the recent BBC Series. It would be great for fans of mysteries. And for fans of the works of H.G. Wells. And to be honest for anyone who just loves a great short story!

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