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Galen's Blade - Richard Paolinelli - Starguest 4th Age Book 2

Galen's Blade
Starguest 4th Age Book 2
ISBN 9798804143061
eISBN 9798201494186

Galen's Way Richard Paolinelli

My introduction to Richard’s work was a story in the anthology Cracked. I have picked up several anthologies that he has contributed to, that I have not got around to reading yet. And I have no read 6 books or published stories. This is the second novel by Paolinelli I have read. And I have a number I have picked up that are in my ‘to be read’ pile. With each volume I read I am more impressed with his skill and talent. And this second story featuring Galen was amazing! Richard is not only an author but the driving force behind Tuscany Bay Books, I have read many volumes from the Bay by a number of authors and all have been well worth the read. The two Galen books are among my favourite books I have read so far this year from the 348 I have read so far in 2023.  I have been aware of Richard and his works for a few years now. I regret that I did not dig into his works earlier. The description of this volume is:

“The journey of Galen Dwyn continues in the second book of the Starquest 4th Age series.

While Dwyn lies in stasis, recovering from his injuries in his stand against Harmool's fleet, Rhea has assumed the title of Regent of Salacia while leading the search for her missing father, King Iodocus. She is also helping repair the damage done to the Alliance in her Uncle's and Mother's mad quest to launch a new Empire. A shocking assassination attempt is thwarted at the last second by Dwyn, who seems to be a changed man now that he has exited stasis to save his love.

The King's location is ascertained and a rescue mission mounted to retrieve him from the Wilds, a lawless area of space. An ambush splits their forces and Dwyn leads the ambushers away so that Rhea and her father can escape. Before Dwyn can find a way back to Alliance territory, an old enemy returns from the grave, and hold Rhea and the King hostage, while triggering a massive insurrection that overthrows the Alliance and installs a new Emperor.

Dwyn must now mount a second rescue while finding a way to rally a rebellion against this threat to peace in the Hominids' corner of the Andromeda Galaxy.”

This is another high octane tale from beginning to end. It reminds me of some of Heinlien’s Lazarus Long stories, Harry Harrison’s Stainless Steel Rat series, and even Han Solo, a lot of action, a lot of guns, and  blade weapons, a great adventure. The plot is well crafted, I thought the first story was intense but this one amped it up even more. The characters masterfully written, including the hero, the princess, the mentor and even the bad guy. Galen is one of those characters that will just stay with you. He has morals, integrity and a strong sense of right and wrong. He is willing to make the big plays, even if it means potentially sacrificing himself. He will do what must to do the right and just. Princess Rhiannon is strong and determined. The whole universe is in turmoil after the overturn of the government. Several planets embattled in civil war. The rightful government nearly wiped out. And Galen trying to save the woman he loves, her father, and if he can pull it off the whole universe!

If you have not read anything by Paolinelli don’t make my mistake. Pick some up and give them a read now. There is a lot to choose from and I am sure you will be entertained. This was a great read. It is a book that leaves you desperate for book 3  which is announced at the end of this volume, as well as a prequel story was teased I cannot help but hope that the series will extend beyond the two currently available, and 2 announced. A great read I can easily recommend. It is a fantastic classic Science Fiction story a great space opera. A wonderful story written large. I can easily recommend this volume to fans of science fiction and adventure stories. A great read that I can easily recommend!

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Galen's Blade Richard Paolinelli

Galen's Way Richard Paolinelli

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