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Escaping Infinity - Richard Paolinelli - Infinity Book 1

Escaping Infinity
Infinity Book 1
ISBN 9781541392588

Escaping Infinity - Richard Paolinelli - Infinity Book 1

Well, this took me completely by surprise. I had not read the description but had some assumptions about the volume based on the cover. I can freely state the book is an excellent Science Fiction novel, wrapped up in a mystery. Sort of a Hotel California with a very specific purpose.

It is an absolutely excellent read! This is the 30th volume from the pen of Paolinelli That I have read in the last year. I have also read a couple of his contributions to anthologies. I had not read the description of this story before picking it up. I am hooked on Paolinelli’s writings and am slowing working my way through his entire back catalogue. This is a masterfully written novel. The description of this volume states:

“Thousands have checked into the Infinity Hotel over the years. None of them have ever checked out.

Peter Childress and Charlie Womack are successful engineers on their way to Phoenix for an important presentation. But one of Charlie’s infamous “shortcuts” has gotten them good and lost once again. As night falls, the pair stumble across the Infinity Hotel and the promise of a meal, fuel and a good night’s sleep before starting off fresh in the morning is too good to pass up.

But while Charlie immediately takes to the hotel’s amazing amenities, Peter begins to uncover some of the hotel’s dark secrets – a seemingly unlimited number of floors, guests that appear out of time and place and a next morning that never seems to come. Worse still, the entrance to the Infinity has disappeared and no other apparent exit back to the outside world is in sight.

Now, under the watchful eyes of the hotel’s manager and front desk clerk, Peter searches for a way back out and uncovers the horrible truth behind the mystery of the Infinity Hotel.”

This read instantly grabbed my attention. The jump from the prologue to chapter one was jarring. But once I pieced it together I was in awe of Paolinelli’s skill as a storyteller. I could hardly put it down. As we follow Peter’s discoveries and his attempts to make an escape we slowly piece together what is happening. As we do the tale becomes even more intriguing and fascinating. A real page turner!

There is a companion volume to this called Exploring Infinity that is a collection of stories edited by Richard. There was an announced third volume, Expanding Infinity, but it was announced for 2 years ago. Based on how good this one is I do so hope it will be released.

This story was originally published in 2016, released again in 2017 an an eBook and reprints in 2021 and 2022. Richard is not only an author but the driving force behind Tuscany Bay Books, I have read many volumes from the Bay by a number of authors and all have been well worth the read.

This is an excellent story, great for those who love science fiction or sci-fi with a bit of mystery. In some ways it reminds me of the book by Alfred Bester and the none Dune books of Frank Herbert, like The Green Brain or The Eye’s of Heisenberg. The characters are very well written. The plot is exceedingly well crafted and very unique. I cannot wait to read the next instalment, and hopefully the third. A great read I can easily recommend.

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Escaping Infinity - Richard Paolinelli - Infinity Book 1

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