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Eucharistic Adoration Prayer Book - Marie Paul Curley FSP - Second Edition

Eucharistic Adoration Prayer Book
Marie Paul Curley, FSP
ISBN 9780819824141
eISBN 9780819824158

Eucharistic Adoration Prayer Book - Marie Paul Curley FSP 2nd Edition

It should be noted this is one of three similar books by the same author all from Pauline Books and Media. This edition with the black cover released in 2024, and the cover states it was written and complied by Marie Paul Curley, FSP. There is a 2019 edition with a red cover and not attribution of who authored it. I cannot help but wonder of part of the colour change was to not confuse it with TAN Books Manual for Eucharistic Adoration by The Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration. I also mentioned a third there is also Essential Eucharistic Adoration Prayers with a similar black cover that released in 2024 which is sub set of what is contained in this volume. The description of the hard cover version states:

“Whether you are new to the practice of Eucharistic Adoration or searching for ways to go deeper, The Eucharistic Adoration Prayer Book is an invaluable guide to meeting Jesus in the Eucharist and growing in wholeness and holiness through Eucharistic prayer. This book features a rich collection of scriptural, traditional, and contemporary prayers and devotions as well as an explanation of the Mass and Eucharistic prayer, prayers for Benediction, guided holy hours, and practical tips for living a Eucharistic day.”

And the description of the eBook versions state:

““Jesus’ gift of his very self in the Eucharist is an ongoing, amazing manifestation of God’s eagerness to be not just close, but united with you. . . . The Eucharistic Adoration Prayer Book is both an introduction to adoration for those just starting this beautiful practice, and a resource and invaluable guide for those seeking to renew or deepen their adoration in a way that fosters spiritual growth, wholeness, and holiness.” (From the Preface)
In this book, you will find:
     Prayers for receiving Communion
     Prayers for Benediction
     Ten guided holy hours
     A treasury of biblical, traditional, and contemporary prayers to 
          foster Eucharistic devotion
     A collection of classic Eucharistic hymns
Also included are an explanation of the Mass and Eucharistic prayer, practical tips for living a Eucharistic day, and a rich variety of devotions.”

This volume received the:
Nihil Obstat:
Reverend Joseph Briody, S.S.L., S.T.D.

✠ Seán P. Cardinal O’Malley, O.F.M. Cap.
Archbishop of Boston
May 10, 2023

The sections and chapters in this volume are:

Preface: The Invitation, “Come to Me”
Introduction: The Gift of the Eucharist and How to Use This Book

Part One
Introduction to Eucharistic Adoration
The Importance of Eucharistic Prayer
Adoring Jesus in the Sacrament of Love
Pauline Spirituality

Part Two
Source and Summit of Our Christian Life
The Mass
     Preparing for Mass and Communion
     Prayers Before Mass
          Offering of the Holy Mass
          A Eucharistic Offertory for the Media
     Prayers Before Communion
          Act of Faith, Hope, and Love
          Prayer of Saint Ambrose Before Communion
          Prayer of Love and Humility
          Prayer of Gratitude and Faith
          Act of Desire
          Come, Lord Jesus
          Prayer for Love
          Act of Love and Desire
          Eucharistic Offering
          Act of Spiritual Communion
     Prayers After Communion
          Act of Adoration
          Act of Resolution
          Act of Supplication
          Thanksgiving for the Gift of the Eucharist
          Act of Thanksgiving
          I Will Remain with You . . .
          Prayer for Perseverance
          I Am Not Worthy
          Soul of Christ
          Anima Christi
          Acts of Adoration, Thanksgiving, Reparation, and Prayer
          Litany of Holy Communion
          O Saving Victim
          O Salutaris Hostia
          Humbly Let Us Voice Our Homage
          Tantum Ergo
          The Divine Praises
How to Live a Eucharistic Day

Part Three
Holy Hour Guides
The Pauline Hour of Adoration
     How to Make a Pauline Hour of Adoration
Holy Hour One
Encountering the Master
Holy Hour Two
Bread of Life
Holy Hour Three
Jesus Our Way, Truth, and Life
Holy Hour Four
Jesus, Word of Life
Holy Hour Five
With Jesus Crucified
Holy Hour Six
“I Am with You”
Holy Hour Seven
Praising God with Christ, Our Risen Savior
Holy Hour Eight
Called by Jesus the Good Shepherd
Holy Hour Nine
Eucharistic Disciples
Holy Hour Ten
Mary, Woman of the Eucharist

Part Four
Treasury of Prayers
     Biblical Prayers
          Psalm 23
          Psalm 31
          Psalm 51
          Psalm 63
          Psalm 100
          Psalm 116
          Psalm 118
          Psalm 130
          Psalm 139
          Canticle of Isaiah 55
          Jesus’ Priestly Prayer
          Canticle of Ephesians 1
          Canticle of 1 Peter
          Canticle of Revelation 19

     Prayers of Adoration
          Morning Offering
          Prayer of Adoration
          Prayer of Presence
          Chaplet to Jesus Master, Way, Truth, and Life
          Chaplet of Eucharistic Adoration
          Bread of My Soul
          Immersed in Adoration
          We Adore You
          Beloved Jesus
          Stay with Me, Lord
          Act of Abandonment
          Act of Adoration
          Litany of the Most Blessed Sacrament
          Credo, Adoro, Amo
          Loving Lord, I Believe
          Prayer Before the Blessed Sacrament

     Prayers of Praise and Thanksgiving
          O Sacrament Most Holy
          May the Heart of Jesus
          Thanks Be to Thee
          You Have First Loved Me
          Filled with Wonder
          Forever Yours
          Te Deum
          Novena of Grace
          A Grateful Heart
          O Immense Love!
          Prayer of Thanksgiving
          Praise of God’s Love
          Litany of the Eucharist

     Prayers of Repentance and Reparation
          Act of Contrition
          The Jesus Prayer
          Be Merciful
          Possess Our Hearts
          Too Late Have I Loved You
          Litany of Repentance
          Repentance and Reunion
          To Jesus Good Shepherd
          Litany of the Precious Blood
          Angel of Fatima’s Prayers of Reparation
          Litany of Reparation to the Most Holy Sacrament
          Act of Reparation to the Most Blessed Sacrament
          Stations of the Cross
          To Jesus Crucified
          The Sacrament of Reconciliation

     Prayers of Intercession and Petition
          As I Walk in Your Light
          God’s Dream for Me
          For Faith in the Real Presence
          Prayer for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
          To My Guardian Angel, Companion in Adoration
          Act of Trust in the Divine Master
          Heart of Love
          Prayer of Saint Francis
          Prayer of Surrender
          Shine Through Me
          Soul of Jesus
          Come, Holy Spirit
          For Protection and Enlightenment
          Prayer for the Needs of Others
          In Our Daily Living
          Prayer for Priests
          To Foster Respect for Life
          Prayer of Saint Gertrude for the Souls in Purgatory
          Divine Mercy Chaplet
          Invocations to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

     In Adoration with Mary
          The Mysteries of the Rosary: Eucharistic Reflections
          Eucharistic Mysteries of the Rosary
          Litany of Loreto
          Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament
          The Angelus
          We Fly to Your Protection
          Hail, Holy Queen
          O Mary, My Queen
          Act of Consecration
          Prayer to the Mother of All Adorers
          Hail Mary, of Whom Was Born Our Eucharistic Jesus
          Prayer to Increase Eucharistic Devotion
          Invocation for the Eucharistic Kingdom of Christ
          O Mary, Make Me an Apostle
          Prayer of Entrustment
          Prayer to Mary for Families

     Favorite Eucharistic Hymns
          Soul of My Savior
          O Sacrum Convivium!
          Ave Verum
          O Sacred Banquet
          Hail, True Body
          Godhead Here in Hiding
          Panis Angelicus
          Bread of Angels
          Sing My Tongue the Savior’s Glory
          Pange Lingua
          O Esca Viatorum
          O Food of All Wayfaring
          Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
          Jesus, Food of Angels
          O God of Loveliness
          Be Thou My Vision
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The first edition of this book only had 7 dedicated Hours of Adoration reflections, and this volume offers 10. It also offers a plethora of other prayers, hymns and songs. 

It is a wonderful volume. The leather edition is stunning. But I love the eBook edition so I can have it on me at all times. It is a great addition to my collection of prayer books. It would be a great addition to any home, school, or church library. It is a resource I can easily recommend for your prayer life. Weather you get to adoration often or infrequently this book will be a great resource for those times and as a general prayer book for the rest of the times. I can easily recommend it.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2024 Catholic Reading Plan

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