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Legacy of Death - Richard Paolinelli - Dreams Of The Storyteller Book 1

Legacy of Death
Dreams Of The Storyteller Book 1

I have now read five stories in this series. So far each story is very different, and they have all been excellent. My introduction to Richard’s works was a piece in the anthology Cracked. I have picked up several anthologies he has contributed to, that I have not got around to reading most of them yet. I have also read 1 novel, Galen’s Way, and Galen’s Blade. I picked up several of his other novels after reading the first Galen story. After the first few stories by Paolinelli I have read I am now trying to read one a week until I have read his whole back catalogue. Several of his stories and novels are towards the top of my ‘to be read pile’. Richard is not only an author but the driving force behind Tuscany Bay Books, I have read many volumes from the Bay by a number of authors and all have been well worth the read. This was first story in this series. Several new short stories that dropped in the collection Dreams Of The Storyteller, in 2023. There are now 19 volumes in that collection, the first 2 date from 2014, 1 from 2022, and the rest dropped in July/August 2023. After reading the first story I went back and grabbed the whole collection. Much like I did with Declan Finn last year with reading a story a week until I have read all Paolinelli has published.   

At the time of reading this I have read 353 books so far this year, and this novella is one of the most intense. This is another excellent story from the Paolinelli’s pen. I said in a previous review that I have been aware of Richard and his works for a few years now. It is my loss that I did not dig into his works earlier. Don’t make my mistake, pick some up and give them a read! The description of this story is:

“Inspector Mackenzie Bolton is caught up in the worst string of serial murders San Francisco has ever seen and the price of bringing the killer to justice may be Bolton's very own soul.”

To date this is the shortest description of a volume in this series I have read. A previous edition had the subtitle “The Dyson's Comet Killer” which reveals a bit more about the story. This story starts with an event at the Golden Gate Bridge and then jumps back in time. I loved the sequence in the story about the Motorcycle Bandit, would love to see that expanded into a full story itself. The main story is a hunt for a serial killer. The lack of clues gives Bolton a clue and sharing that hunch changes everything. 

This is the most intense of the stories I have read in this collection. It draws you in and though you see a train wreck coming you just cannot look away. By the ends you will understand the beginning and feel the same sense of loss as characters in the story.

It is another great story from Paolinelli’s. Like others in the series it draws you in quickly. I look forward to the other stories in this series and many of Richard’s other series.

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