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Breastplate of Righteousness - Theresa Linden - Armor of God Series Book 2 Second Edition

Breastplate of Righteousness
Armor of God Book 2 Second Edition
Theresa Linden
Nihal Dungdung (Illustrator) 
Silver Fire Publishing
ISBN 9781734992908
eISBN 9781393920069

I read the first edition of this story back in 2020. I thought the book and series was excellent. The series is being rereleased in second editions with new covers and new artwork. The artwork is by Nihal Dungdung, it is not my favourite style but I am sure children will appreciate it.

Theresa Linden is one of my contemporary Catholic and Christian authors. Everything I have read from her has been impressive. I have reread a few of her books myself, and reread others with one or more of my children. My children are all through their first communion, but even so we love this book and this series. I am a fan of all of Linden’s writings, but this series geared for a younger audience than her other works is excellent and a great addition to the canon of her work. 

As is obvious by the series title this series is based on the Armour of God:

“Therefore, put on the armor of God, that you may be able to resist on the evil day and, having done everything, to hold your ground. So, stand fast with your loins girded in truth, clothed with righteousness as a breastplate, and your feet shod in readiness for the gospel of peace. In all circumstances, hold faith as a shield, to quench all the flaming arrows of the evil one. And take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.”
~ Ephesians 6:13-17

The description of this volume is:

“Based on the Scriptural armor of God, Breastplate of Righteousness is book two in the Catholic children's fantasy-adventure chapter book Armor of God series.

George Pennington needs to earn the next piece of armor!

He’s a student at the Knights School for Boys and Girls, and he’s already earned The Belt of Truth. Maybe one day he’ll actually become a knight! A storm is coming, and George’s friend Henry needs help. Henry accidentally made a hole in the roof, and they must repair it now! George’s father won’t let him go because of the weather, but his friend really needs him. What is George to do? He must make the right choice because he desperately wants the next piece of armor: The Breastplate of Righteousness.”

The chapters in the story are:
1. Falling
2. The Virtue
3. Oh Henry
4. A Plea For Help
5. Permission
6. The Right Thing
7. Angry
8. Falling Again
9. A Dragon-Sized Hole
10. A Plan
11. Threats
12. The Fight
13. About Honor
14. The Breastplate of Righteousness

And between many of the chapters are Brother Coll’s Catechism Lesson, there are 7 of these lessons. This is the continuing story of George Pennington. He is a young lad who is attending knight’s school. To graduate they must obtain the 6 pieces of the armor of God. Six levels of training to become a squire. In the first volume, Belt of Truth, only some of the classmates do not get their belt. And it was very close for George. George learned the value of truth, even if you need to admit to lies, and mistakes you have made. Robyn Haylan and Erik, Georges younger brother continue to be good influences. But Henry and Otho continue to provide temptations. But George must learn a new lesson if he is going to gain the next piece of armor. 

George struggles with wanting to help, to do the right thing, and to be obedient to his father. As he works his way through the problems, he gains insight. And comes to realize that as Sir Lucian states:

“When a knight sees another going in the wrong direction, the knight will do all he can to help the other do the right thing.”

But can George figure out how to do so. Can he gain the Breastplate of Righteousness or will he flunk out of Knight’s school? Or will he lose his friend forever? But to find out you will need to read this wonderful little volume.

Another great read in what is shaping up to be an excellent series. Great for the youngsters in your life, or for some of us that are just young at heart. 

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2023 Catholic Reading Plan!

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