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Boots of Peace - Theresa Linden - Armor of God Series Book 3 Second Edition

Boots of Peace
Armor of God Book 3 Second Edition
Theresa Linden
Nihal Dungdung (Illustrator) 
Silver Fire Publishing
ISBN 9781734992915
eISBN 9798201320546

I read the first edition of this story in the winter in 2022. I thought the book and series was excellent. The series is being rereleased in second editions with new covers and new artwork. The artwork is by Nihal Dungdung, it is not my favourite style but I am sure children will appreciate it.

Theresa Linden is one of my contemporary Catholic and Christian authors. Everything I have read from her has been impressive. I have reread a few of her books myself, and reread others with one or more of my children. My children are all through their first communion, but even so we love this book and this series. I am a fan of all of Linden’s writings, but this series geared for a younger audience than her other works is excellent and a great addition to the canon of her work. 

As is obvious by the series title this series is based on the Armour of God:

“When Sir Lucian, the one-armed knight, says that few pages will receive the Boots of Peace, George Pennington and his friends work extra hard at peacemaking. While Robyn arranges help for a troubled family, George's little brother Erik struggles with Sir Michael's jousting lessons. George, however, can't stop thinking about the strange rock he once discovered in the knights' woods. He will stop at nothing to find out more about it, but he just might be missing a very important point about peace.

Based on the Scriptural Armor of God (Ephesians 6:13-17), the six-book ARMOR OF GOD series appeals to the universal and timeless quest for virtue and inner strength. The story themes and “Brother Coll’s Catechism Lessons,” weaved into each story, are perfect for children preparing for or who have recently made their First Confession and First Holy Communion. Early readers will appreciate the short chapters and pen-and-ink illustrations throughout.”

The chapters in the story are:

Strange Rock
The Few
Tilting the Lance
Fendrel the Squire
Rumor of Dragons
Knights, Probably
Helping Hands
Victory and Defeat
Erik’s Problem
Hooded Figures
Why Not Me?
Patience and Peace
Armor of God Series
The Beatitudes

At the beginning of the book is a note ‘Dear Reader’ And at the end a section about the author and about the series. All three are worth reading. Between many of the chapters are Brother Coll’s Catechism Lesson, there are 7 of these lessons. This is the continuing story of George Pennington. He is a young lad who is attending knight’s school. To graduate they must obtain the 6 pieces of the armor of God. Six levels of training to become a squire. In the first volume, Belt of Truth, only some of the classmates do not get their belt. And it was very close for George. George learned the value of truth, even if you need to admit to lies, and mistakes you have made. Robyn Haylan and Erik, Georges younger brother continue to be good influences. In the second they must earn the Breastplate of Righteousness. In this volume they must earn the Boots of Peace. At the beginning of the assignment they are given two lists, one of them is:


The second was:


George has worked really hard to earn the Boots, but does not. When he talked with Sir Lucian about why he is reminded of the lists. He realized that he has helped bring peace to the first four items on the list. But he has failed miserably on the fifth. For his obsession with the Stone Table in the woods has caused his anxiety, fear, led him to sneak around, and even rationalize his own behaviour and obsession. Fortunately squires in training are given a chance a few weeks later to earn them. If not they have to repeat the year.

And in this story George along with his friend Robyn learn the joy of serving and helping others. George has a vision. And they start to learn jousting. The story is a wonderful read. Sir Lucian is a teacher of the kind we would all benefit from. And Brother Coll’s Catechism Lesson are the meat around which the story is written. 

To find out if George earns his boots you will need to read this wonderful story. It is another great read in an excellent series. Great for the youngsters in your life or for some of us that are young at heart. 

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2023 Catholic Reading Plan!

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